Hello world!

Published March 19, 2007 by glaumland

Howdy! Trying this blogging stuff on for size to see how it fits. Sounds like alot of fun and hopefully not too much work. Seems pretty easy so far. Beats cleaning my office, which is what I am doing in preparation for doing the tax thingy. It’s not entirely done yet, but looking much better so I can feel much less guilt than before.

 Without taxes, spring would be much more enjoyable. The first daffodils (or jonquils or narcissus – whatever your preference) are blooming. The lilies and tulips are sprouting. The redbud trees have a hint of color in their buds. The barn swallows and purple martins should be here any day now. Chickens are laying every day now (the few that are left). All in all, life is good at Glaumland. Except for the tax thingy.

Gee, this blogging thing is kinda fun. I can be creative and wordy and it doesn’t matter. Hooty-hoo! No editing or curbing my verbosity! I could really get used to all of this power.

Until next time!


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