The Circle of Life

Published March 20, 2007 by glaumland

Wow, tough day at work today. Just call me Dr Gloom. Three cancer patients, two heart murmurs (probably related to their bad teeth) and one apparent stroke victim. The only good thing about this is old pets get old because they have good care. When I was first getting into veterinary medicine, an old dog was 10-11 years old & an old cat was 12-13 years old. Now we’re seeing 16-20 year old pet routinely. The best things we’ve done for our pet in the last 3 decades is good diet and clean teeth – these prevent a host of problems.

The cancer patients today happened to have really bad malignant cancers. So what to do next? This is where I like to talk about pet hospice. When surgery and chemotherapy doesn’t give you any better survival rate than doing nothing, why put yourself and you pet through all that? It’s much better to control pain & infections and give the pet & client some good quality time together. I just hate to see no quality of life.

But on the up side, there were ADORABLE puppies today, too. How wonderful is that? So I guess you take the good with the bad and just get through the day.

Until next time…


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