In a Tither about Taxes

Published March 21, 2007 by glaumland

OK, here I am sitting here waiting for my tax software to download an update on DIALUP. Did I happen to mention yet how much I hate doing taxes? Oh well, at least there’s a refund in my future. I think. I remember when we were first married and dear hubby did the taxes (you know, with paper & pencil) because he’s an engineer and can understand all of that IRS mumbo jumbo. When I owned a vet clinic and had an accountant, he did the taxes. But since I got rid of the clinic (due to my Crohn’s – but that’s another blog) I’ve been doing them with the help of my computer and software. Guess it could be worse – the computer pretty much asks all the questions and puts all of the numbers in the right place. And now even the city & states I deal with allow you to do your taxes online. So I reckon the hardest thing for me is to gather together all of last year’s information. And that’s pretty hard this year as last year wasn’t exactly the best for me for organization. I guess I must have taken 06 off! I’m setting a new goal for 07 – make a paper trail along the way so I don’t have to do it next spring! Something like paying it forward.

OK, now I’ve got 20 more minutes left on downloading tax updates. YAWN! Let’s talk about dialup. I remember the first PC I got, when modems weren’t included. AOL & Compuserve & the internet were in their infancy. The modems then were really slow, but of course there wasn’t anything to download so it didn’t matter. Most of the time I don’t complain about my dialup because I am still astounded by the speed (I generally move at turtle time). I cope pretty well as long as I don’t try to download anything big or my friends don’t send me any huge email files. Sometimes they forget and I end up waiting, waiting, waiting. But today is one of those days when I have connectivity envy. But here in my neck of the woods there isn’t any cable and we live in a hole so there aren’t any towers around, either. But new houses and new options are just a half-mile away so maybe in the next few years I can join you speedy folks.

OK, 15 minutes left. Did I happen to mention I hate doing taxes? I really don’t like griping so much so I think I’ll get out of the rantings group and type about something more fun. Not taxes. OK.


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