Still Waiting…Let’s Talk Genealogy

Published March 21, 2007 by glaumland

OK, about 12 minutes left to download the tax software update. I promised to keep this post upbeat, so we’ll talk about one of my favorite things…genealogy!

My dad started doing genealogy in the early 90’s and first peaked my interest. Eventually, I even learned how to spell the word “genealogy” correctly. My BIL also did some work while he was stationed in Germany. He actually found some distant relatives still living there! Eventually I caught the bug and now have become an avid, but not too obsessive, genealogist. I guess that’s the word for it. This is another area where the computer and internet have made life so much easier. I don’t know how people used to produce their charts and write their family books before all of this wonderful technology. I applaud their efforts and works.

OK, still downloading at a whopping 3.4 kbs…Part of my goal with blogging is to find a way for me and my dad to share the information we have gathered. He’s got tons of information on my side of the family, and I’ve managed to find lots about my husband’s side, too. Amazing the stories you can learn. Not to mention the new friends/family you find while you’re researching. And the resources available online…WOW!

One of the things that does aggravate me about online genealogy is how much information is bought up by certain companies and then they charge you for access. Sure, I know they incur costs by transcribing/scanning/storing, but it seems kinda mercenary to me. That’s why I appreciate it when people, or even groups like USGENWEB, share their information. And that’s why I’d like to get my info out there for other people to peruse. Now to just figure out the best way to do that.

Yeah, only about 5 minutes left downloading. My favorite site for free information are USGENWEB and Heritage Quest (available through the KS public library system). And you can’t beat Google or Yahoo for just looking around. There is alot of stuff available and more being added all of the time. It is amazing how much time you can blow just looking around on the web and chasing down leads. My dad says I’ve gotten pretty good at that. Thanks, Dad!

Boy, oh boy! My downloading is done. Yea! But that means I have to get back to doing the taxes. Oh well…

By the way, thank you Mr. Gore for inventing the internet  (ha ha!).

Until next time!


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