A Song on My Mind & in My Heart

Published March 22, 2007 by glaumland

Howdy, again. Well, I’ve been good and gotten an excellent start on my taxes. Need some info from my hubby before I can finish, so I’m in a holding pattern right now.

So I’ve spent some time today working on a prayer service that our church is holding on Holy Saturday, the Saturday between Good Friday and Easter. I’m really looking forward to it. It is designed to have some extended periods of quiet time for prayer or meditation. I’m hoping that it will be a special time for people to come and spend in prayer after the emotional rigor of Holy Week and before the highs of the Easter Festival.

In planning the service, I’ve tried to find some instrumental versions of hymns that go well with the service. It can be a little challenging, trying to match the tone & mood & topic. But on the upside I have been exposed to some incredible Christian music that I may have never listened to because I wasn’t familiar with the title or tune. It is so inspirational to read the lyrics from some old hymns – it’s amazing how many can sound “new” just by modernizing the tune (making it sound like today’s music rather than an old church organ). I found a great site on the web (cyberhymnal.com) for getting the lyrics and stories about hymns and their authors, and they have MIDI’s as well (but again, they sound like old organs). I found some very reasonably priced (some were even cheap!) CD’s that featured instrumental versions of hymns. I guess they are so cheap because they’re not very popular; maybe people want modern music or someone singing, I just don’t know. But if you ever get a chance, check out the instrumental stuff. It’s great!

Funny, before a year and a half ago, I didn’t even own any spiritual music CD’s. Then I bought one at our VBS and listened to it; but that was it until last summer. Now I’m hooked. I have a whole collection. It amazes me the different ways that God reaches out to touch us when we’re least expecting it. My soul just really feels peaceful and in-tune to God when I’m listening to His music. Now I keep some on hand in the car so that my kids can share in this. Of course, they have their favorite Veggie Tale Worship Songs (which I like too) so we listen to that alot. I’ve had some friends laugh when they get in the car (with no kids in it) and there I am singing & bopping with Bob & Larry.

I’ve also found that praise music is great background for house cleaning. Hmm….that’s seems like it could be some divine manipulation. Good for God!

Until next time!


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