The Swallows Are Back!

Published March 24, 2007 by glaumland

Spring is definitely here when the barn swallows show up. The first scout came by today and in about a week more will begin showing up. Hooty hoo! The little birds are so much fun to watch (they seem to enjoy tormenting the cats!) and they do a great job of keeping down the flying insects around the property.

Our resident mockingbird has taken up housekeeping again in the big pinetree in the front yard. I had fun watching a grackle do his best ballroom dancing routine to woo his lady love – alas! she didn’t seem impressed.

More daffodils are blooming and so are the tulips. The apricot tree is in full bloom, and the apple, peach, and cherry trees will soon follow. Saw a bee out buzzing around, which is really good since there is that mysterious bee disappearance.

The forsythia are starting to bloom (ours is always way behind the neighbors’ at the top of the hill – hmm…wonder what’s up with that?) and the lilacs have lots of buds. The cedars are in bloom as well.

My little aspen tree made it through another winter; I’m hoping that this is the year it takes off. I’ve heard that aspens can actually do quite well in Kansas. Only time will tell.

Until next time…


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