Is The Grass Greener? or Cold Wires, Hot Horses

Published April 1, 2007 by glaumland

Back again. Had a brief interlude in the hot tub with Hubby. By the way, hot tubs are great for a) relaxing, b) conversations with spouse, and c) praying.

I wanted to rant about the other day. I came home from taking the kids to get haircuts and get groceries. As we were carrying the groceries in, the neighbor guy came over and said our horses were over in his yard (down the road & across the creek). Major bummer. I threw the rest of the groceries in the house and headed to the barn to get a lead rope & halter. Sent the daughter for a bucket with some grain. Then I threatened the children to sit on the tractor on the driveway, or else. I walked over to the neighbors house. At first the horses (3 out of 4 – the pony was missing) seemed interested in the grain, but decided they would rather stay and visit with the horses on the other side of the neighbor. I finally was able to convince my mare (an Arab named Shree) that she would love to have some grain and that more was waiting when she got home. I got a rope around her neck and started leading her home.

HA! Luckily the other two mares are suckers and fell for it too. I got Shree and Sunny (hubby’s paint mare) back in the drylot, but it took lots of convincing and maneuvering to get Breezy back in. Finally done. Speaking of drylots, it was anything but after about 4 inches of rain and a winter’s load of manure. I sank up to my ankles but managed to keep my shoes on. The kids were very amused to see Mommy dirtier than they ever are.

Found the pony Smokey in the pasture next to our little pasture, his favorite hangout. He, too, is relatively able to manipulate if you have a bucket of grain. It was easy to get him back although it involved going thru a small jungle to do so.

How did the horses get out, you may be wondering? Well, Dearest Darling Hubby forgot the #1 rule of farms and ranches. ALWAYS SHUT THE FENCE AFTER YOU OPEN IT!!! The ponies, whom I believe to be approaching their first heat cycle of this spring judging by the screaming I heard later, just went through the electric fence. Come to find out, the charger wasn’t working. Argh! So whether they were out for fresh grass or hoping for a conjugal visit, we may never know. But they are safe and home again without too much damage done.

On the up side, the other neighbors yard has been aerated, but not fertilized. Judging from the pony tracks, there must have been a great party.

Until next time!


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