Baby It’s Cold Outside!

Published April 4, 2007 by glaumland

Brrr…Who turned off the heat this morning? It seemed like spring had finally sprung, then boing! It’s in the high twenties here. I just hope this cold weather doesn’t kill off everything. It seems as though there’s enough moisture in the air that we didn’t get a frost. Or something. Keeping my fingers crossed.

Yesterday was kinda crazy. Started out OK, but when I was leaving for work the car wouldn’t start. Dead as a doornail. Oh great. So called Hubby who was kind enough to drop his work, drive home, take the boy to daycare, take me to work, and then drive home and spent the day working on my vehicle. Finally figured it out, got it running and ordered some other parts. Gosh, I really hate not being able to trust my car, and I hate all of the money spent to get it fixed. I’m just really lucky I’ve got a hubby that can do the work.

I’m having a very low energy day today. Kinda tired and achy all over. I work all day Tuesdays, and the standing/walking on the concrete floor and sometimes hectic pace really wear me out. The joint and muscle aches have developed since I’ve had Crohn’s Disease, and I can usually tell how much inflammation is present by how achy I feel. I’ve got diarrhea all of the time so that I’m pretty used to (in fact, at work we call the restroom “my office”!). Ha Ha. The gut pain comes and goes, and actually it’s less of a pain that a burning sensation or feeling like I’ve eaten cut glass. But no where near as bad as when I was really sick or when I have a flare-up.

Well, the boy has a runny nose that needs wiped and he’s wanting some Mommy time so guess I’ll close for now.

Until next time.


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