Published April 6, 2007 by glaumland

Not what I expected:

It’s turned off really REALLY cold here. Down in the -teens tonight, and that after such a warm March. I haven’t done a walkabout to check on all of my plants, but I’m sure that this weather has pretty well kicked spring in the pants. Sigh…maybe next year.

My little boy was sick all through the night yesterday so I didn’t get much done. He’s got a cold and a little fever, so I think he just had an upset tummy from all of the post-nasal drip. I did have to run to the store to pick up an Rx so he was happy to get a new Thomas train & Bob the Builder movie. Yawn.

There was a poor turn-out from our church (only Pastor & wife & MIL and me & daughter) in our visit to neighboring church for Maundy Thursday service. Bummer.

Dearest Hubby seems to have an upset stomach today and stayed home. Another bummer.

My Durango is still getting worked on after changing a battery that was leaking acid everywhere, new alternator, new belts and still needs the rear wiper motor replaced (it seems it was shorted out and draining everything). Luckily DH is and electrical engineer and good with this kinda stuff. But I hadn’t reckoned on spending all of that money. Grr.

What I expected…

We visited a neighboring LCMS church last night for the Maundy Thursday service and it was a wonderful experience. Not only were the people VERY friendly, but you could tell they were on fire – there was this palpable sense of excitement. Very refreshing. The sermon was really good with readings from different parts of the Bible rather than illustrations. The music was really nice – last night they played an electric piano and had a small men & women’s choir. They also had drums & guitars, but our music last night was more traditional. There was a large screen. And the cross above the altar was really neat – it looks like they somehow affixed lots of different fabric pieces to it to make it multicolored and 3-D. All in all a very pleasant worship service. My daughter loved it (there were kids there) and wants to go back. We’ll see.

Dearest Hubby got a TV & DVD to put in the fancy sitting room (also known as the music room). He likes to practice his banjo in there and now he can watch his instruction dvd’s without taking over the whole living room.

Until next time…


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