He Is Risen Indeed!

Published April 9, 2007 by glaumland

Wow! Another Easter has come and gone. I am constantly amazed how I can feel so joy-filled after this special Sunday. We had a wonderful Easter service, then a delicious brunch, followed by a visit from the bunny and egg hunt. It was a little cold, but at least no snow.

The prayer service I helped to organize came off pretty well. It turned out to be just what the doctor ordered…an hour & a half of peaceful prayer and meditation in the midst of a hectic Holy Week. I wonder if perhaps taking the time to empty my spirit on Saturday gave me more room to be filled Sunday – definitely a possibility.

The only down side is that I’ve caught the bug that son & hubby had last week. Yuk. Gma came and picked up son today, so if daughter can stay occupied (she wasn’t feeling good either) maybe I can get some rest. I love my heated waterbed when I feeling icky – nothing better for the chills.

I’ve got to finish taxes this week. Every year I think I’ll get done early, but the time just seems to go too fast. Maybe it’s having all of this Easter activity that keeps me preoccupied. But what a great distraction! Now if I can make this joy last all year long.

Until next time!


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