What Happened To Spring?

Published April 11, 2007 by glaumland

Gee Whiz! This weather really sucks. Not only did the cold snap wreck the wisteria, lilacs, clematis and probably the fruit trees, the lilies and irises look awful too. I’d take the tornados back if I could just have spring with it.

Lost another hen over the weekend. My favorite one, a year old Plymouth Barred Rock. She was very friendly to people, not so much with the other hens (there are only three left). That was probably her downfall, she didn’t like to be in the chicken house or hang out with the girls. I am so tired of losing chickens! I’ve ordered another couple dozen chicks so hopefully I can keep some alive for awhile.

Little boy is (I think & I really hope) finally starting to get some of this potty training stuff. What I do know is that he is bribe-able (I’m using Easter candy) so we’ll see how that works. Does that make me a mean & manipulative MOM?

Issues at church remain challenging and frustrating. I’m hoping everything comes to a head soon so that we can settle down and heal and get back to doing God’s business. There should be some interesting meetings coming up.

Well, guess that’s all the griping I’ve got to do tonight. Until next time…


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