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A Busy Life Is A Fun Life!

Published May 27, 2007 by glaumland

Well, it’s been a while since I posted last. Life has been so busy. All of my friends with cancer are doing pretty well for the moment, and only one friend is at the end of her struggle with Alzheimers. Haven’t lost any pet patients lately. Time to take a deep breath and get centered.

Little girl had her first softball game this past week. It’s amazing how much the girls have improved. They actually are working together like a team. WOW! So different from a couple weeks ago. Concerning the game last week, the other team came out on fire…5 to 0 at the end of the first inning. But our girls rallied back steadily, and at the end of the game we were tied 6-6. Yea! So we’ve been practicing lots on our own (I am exhausted!) and girl has been making great leaps of improvement. She’s got alot of upper body strength (unusual for this age I think – she likes to hang on ropes & climb & do pull-ups) and she has longer legs than the other girls. We’re all having fun with her.

Little boy has been at his gma’s house since his bday party last week. I sure miss him, but it is easier to get work done and not listen to him & sissy fighting. Hopefully, I can keep them busy enough this summer that we won’t have much down time to be bored.

I got elected to be the head of the Education Committee last week. I’ve done so much work with summer Sunday School and now starting with the youth, that I guess I’m already doing the job. We’ll see what happens. I’ve got some changes to make; they may not make me popular, but I think they’ll make a difference (good ones). More accountablity and responsibility…I think kids need to be challenged and expected to perform better. If you set your sights low, that’s just what you’ll get…I’m going to set the bar higher. (OK, enough of old cliches).

Dear Hubby has been working lots of overtime lately. He’s got a project coming due and needs to get stuff to a drafter. Stress at work, stress at church, he needs some relaxation time. Didn’t get to go fishing this weekend and my cousins caught a 50# flathead. So we’ll have to plan some fishing time sometime this summer.

 Moved the baby chicks out to the big house this week. They are so funny. They’ve learned to take dust baths already, and like to fight and flutter. It’s especially fun to watch them chase a fly or play keep-away when they’ve got something all of the other chicks want. I love to lock myself in the chicken house and just watch them.

I’m going to be working lots this next two weeks. My boss is off on vacation and I’m filling in. And I have a class reunion next weekend. I’ll definitely deserve a Calgon (or chicken) moment!

Until next time!


Dirt, Death & Disease

Published May 18, 2007 by glaumland

When my dear hubby and I were younger, we always used to laugh after hanging out with the grandparents. It seemed so much of their conversations centered on dirt, death & disease. It was amazing to hear who had what and who had died or was dying. Not too much privacy in those small towns. And just imagine, being so preoccupied with such depressing topics. They were odd, or so we thought.

However, as I am embarking on the middle part of my life, I’m beginning to understand what the grandparents were thinking. It seems that recently I have so many friends and acquaintances suffering from illness and cancer that it is hard not to focus on that. So my prayer list just keeps expanding, as does my opportunities to witnessing about my faith in Jesus.

Hmmm….maybe the grandparents weren’t so corny, since it seems I am becoming one of them. But at least I don’t talk about dirt!

Until next time…

Old Dogs & New Tricks OR Stuck Inside My Box

Published May 10, 2007 by glaumland

OK, not to brag too much, but I’ve always thought I was a pretty smart person. You know, good grades in school, did well on the assessment tests, and graduated from vet school. Not a genius, just pretty smart. At least I used to think that way…

The first clue was when I decided to close my vet practice and stay home to heal and be with my daughter. We spent alot (I KNOW that it should be ‘a lot’ but I LIKE spelling it that way!) of time together watching PBS Kids (no cable – remember!). I learned ALOT watching shows like Cyberchase, Between the Lions, Reading Rainbow, and yes even, Arthur, Clifford, Mr Rogers and Sesame Street. We even went through the Barney & TeleTubbies stage (shudder). I never knew how educatedly ignorant I really was! I do think that people who have cable probably don’t watch much PBS and that is a real loss. There are so many quality shows. I told that to a teenager the other day and he just stared at me, dumbfounded.

OK, so now I have my PBS education. I moved my old computer out to the livingroom for the kids to play on and bought them some learning software. My son, soon to be four, can navigate all of the games and even win most of them. Not me, I guess I’m too much of an adult to really get it. Sigh…I can’t even work my new cell phone very well and I see the youngsters text-messaging with one hand and not looking. When did I get old?

OK, so I’m finally starting to figure out my cell phone (sorry to those of you whose messages I didn’t return!). Dearest daughter has started playing softball. Now when I was young, I spent many years playing and was pretty good (or so I thought). But I’m having to even re-think that! (The first practice looked like the kids were a bunch of crazed hamsters running around the field, but they improved pretty quickly – they’ve got really good, and really patient, coaches) I was working late the other day so the grandparents picked up the kids from daycare and got the girl to practice. When I showed up I saw a girl, not dressed in pants/shorts & t-shirt & socks & shoes & ball cap, but a girl dressed with a purple/white cheerleading top and a multi-colored cheerleading skort & no socks & hair in 3 or 4 braids. So it seems daughter is a little confused over uniforms, but she was the most colorful person on the field. And she was one of the fastest runners and has a great arm and hits really hard (when she makes contact) but is still working on the catching. So…maybe looking the part of a softball player isn’t important.

When did I get old? Did it slowly creep up on me or did it happen overnight? I still firmly believe that my children are leeching all of my energy out of me. But I guess as long as I can see life through their eyes I will never be old.