Old Dogs & New Tricks OR Stuck Inside My Box

Published May 10, 2007 by glaumland

OK, not to brag too much, but I’ve always thought I was a pretty smart person. You know, good grades in school, did well on the assessment tests, and graduated from vet school. Not a genius, just pretty smart. At least I used to think that way…

The first clue was when I decided to close my vet practice and stay home to heal and be with my daughter. We spent alot (I KNOW that it should be ‘a lot’ but I LIKE spelling it that way!) of time together watching PBS Kids (no cable – remember!). I learned ALOT watching shows like Cyberchase, Between the Lions, Reading Rainbow, and yes even, Arthur, Clifford, Mr Rogers and Sesame Street. We even went through the Barney & TeleTubbies stage (shudder). I never knew how educatedly ignorant I really was! I do think that people who have cable probably don’t watch much PBS and that is a real loss. There are so many quality shows. I told that to a teenager the other day and he just stared at me, dumbfounded.

OK, so now I have my PBS education. I moved my old computer out to the livingroom for the kids to play on and bought them some learning software. My son, soon to be four, can navigate all of the games and even win most of them. Not me, I guess I’m too much of an adult to really get it. Sigh…I can’t even work my new cell phone very well and I see the youngsters text-messaging with one hand and not looking. When did I get old?

OK, so I’m finally starting to figure out my cell phone (sorry to those of you whose messages I didn’t return!). Dearest daughter has started playing softball. Now when I was young, I spent many years playing and was pretty good (or so I thought). But I’m having to even re-think that! (The first practice looked like the kids were a bunch of crazed hamsters running around the field, but they improved pretty quickly – they’ve got really good, and really patient, coaches) I was working late the other day so the grandparents picked up the kids from daycare and got the girl to practice. When I showed up I saw a girl, not dressed in pants/shorts & t-shirt & socks & shoes & ball cap, but a girl dressed with a purple/white cheerleading top and a multi-colored cheerleading skort & no socks & hair in 3 or 4 braids. So it seems daughter is a little confused over uniforms, but she was the most colorful person on the field. And she was one of the fastest runners and has a great arm and hits really hard (when she makes contact) but is still working on the catching. So…maybe looking the part of a softball player isn’t important.

When did I get old? Did it slowly creep up on me or did it happen overnight? I still firmly believe that my children are leeching all of my energy out of me. But I guess as long as I can see life through their eyes I will never be old.


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