Dirt, Death & Disease

Published May 18, 2007 by glaumland

When my dear hubby and I were younger, we always used to laugh after hanging out with the grandparents. It seemed so much of their conversations centered on dirt, death & disease. It was amazing to hear who had what and who had died or was dying. Not too much privacy in those small towns. And just imagine, being so preoccupied with such depressing topics. They were odd, or so we thought.

However, as I am embarking on the middle part of my life, I’m beginning to understand what the grandparents were thinking. It seems that recently I have so many friends and acquaintances suffering from illness and cancer that it is hard not to focus on that. So my prayer list just keeps expanding, as does my opportunities to witnessing about my faith in Jesus.

Hmmm….maybe the grandparents weren’t so corny, since it seems I am becoming one of them. But at least I don’t talk about dirt!

Until next time…


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