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Long Time, No See!

Published November 29, 2007 by glaumland

WOW! I can’t believe how much time has passed since I’ve last written. I guess life got too busy. Had an interesting summer, mostly spent running to softball games, swimming lessons and working. This fall has been busy, too. Dear Hubby & I went to Germany this fall to see the sights, experience Oktoberfest, and visit Dear Brother-In-Law. What a HOOT! I’ll have to write more on the experience later…right now we’re in the Pre-Christmas Christmas Card Crunch, along with making gifts for teachers & the babysitter & the folks I work with. I’ve started doing stamping classes with a friend (actually, she does most of the prep work and I just supply stuff; she also has wonderful original designs and ideas – she ROCKS!) so I’m getting some regular time to enjoy my hobby. DH is busy as usual, still stressed at work but hopefully less stressed at church now that the dust is clearing (that, too, is another post). Well, I need to go for now…I’ve one sick kid and one bored kid and a pile of laundry to do. Until next time…