Snow Play!

Published December 7, 2007 by glaumland

Well, Christmas is still 17 days away and preparations & activites are well in hand. The Christmas Card Crunch is nearly finished (awaiting printing of our holiday letter), presents are all bought (thanks to online shopping), and I just so pleased I’m grinning from ear to ear. WOW! I’m not sure what has happened this time around, but I’m liking it!

 Today is a real treat. Every year we meet some friends at the mall that is 1/2 way between our homes, see Santa, and let the kids play while we visit. It is an awesome tradition. We really miss these friends and this has become a great way to stay in touch.

We had some snow yesterday. Big, beautiful flakes. Then after school the kids & I went outside…they enjoyed playing while I did chores. It was the perfect snowy afternoon – quiet, no wind & not too chilly. The snow was too fluffy to make good snowballs, but it was fun anyway.

I was really mean today. My wood was too damp to start well in the wood stove, so I went to the woodshed looking for kindling. I found a bunch in the packrat nest (along with some golf balls & walnuts) so I raided it! How mean I am! But my fire started & my house is cozy & warm. Thanks Mr Packrat!

Well, little boy is wanting some attention, so I had  better close and go play some more. Until next time…


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