Thankful for the Holidays

Published December 26, 2007 by glaumland

Yea! We’ve survived another Christmas! It is always so wonderful to spend the time with family, especially those that live far away. The kids are growing up and always enjoy time with the cousins. I really like talking to my SIL and finding out about phases & experiences the nephews are going through so I know what to be on the lookout for. Time with certain relatives can be very trying, especially taking in all of the catty remarks that are tossed my way and the very high decibel level. Thank goodness DH understands. And speaking of Dear Hubby, I am so thankful that his last-minute travels over the weekend went relatively smoothly and that he didn’t lose time with the family. I’m thankful for the delicious meals that I partook of (too much so!) and also to be home in my very own bed. Sleeping on guest beds is never as comfortable, especially when you’re not feeling up to doing the campout thing. As for gifts, I got some really terrific ones (thank you DH!), some really weird ones, some really useful ones, and some stuff. Overall pretty good though. Kids had a great Christmas and are staying busy with their haul – it’s fun to see them enjoy themselves. But most of all I’m thankful for a tiny baby born many miles from home in a little barn 2000 years ago – what a great gift that never goes out of style or gets used up and thrown away. Happy Birthday Jesus!

Merry Christmas…until next time…


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