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A Very Taxing Day

Published March 19, 2008 by glaumland

Wow. Here we are again at tax time and I’ve got lots of time on my hands to post to my blog. I can’t believe another year has gone by and it is time for the dreaded tax season again. Yuk!

Well, a relatively non-eventful winter has passed since I last wrote. I say non-eventful, but maybe that’s just one take on events. I’ve had a flare-up with my Crohn’s following a most awful week at work & at church and had to have a scope done. Just like everyone says, the scope is the easy part, it’s the prep that is horrible. And it was again this time. Much worse actually, since I have a problem with the prep and end up puking most of the stuff up – which leads to dry heaves, dehydration and massive headache. Having the sedation and the scope is a breeze compared to that! Biopsies show that the Crohn’s is back, so I’ll try some new drugs to see how it goes. Bummer.

I also was lucky (unluck?) enough to get that bad upper respiratory bug that came around. So I’ve been recovering from that also. Finally feeling better and now I get to spend my time doing taxes. Oh JOY!

I forgot to mention that my computer died and so I don’t have access right now to alot of th info I need to do my taxes. Isnt’ it just ducky?

Well, guess I should close for now. I’ll add more next time I’m in dial-up land. Until next time.