The Year Flies By…

Published December 29, 2008 by glaumland

It’s hard to believe that another year has passed by so very quickly. And I’m still trying to finish my 2008 New Year’s Resolutions list (ha, ha). OK, maybe I’m not that far behind, but maybe I am.

There are many blessings & sorrows to count this year. A big sorrow is the loss of our old church and the mortal wounding of a friendship. However, just as God always provides, He gave us a new church and new friends – what a tremendous blessing. Now if the old wounds would just heal.

Another sorrow is the illness that I’ve been experiencing most of the year. After many doctor’s visits and many tests, I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia. On the blessings side – at least I have a diagnosis and a treatment plan, and I am feeling much better. Plus, once again, God used this as a way to get me to evaluate my life and make some positive changes (down 22lbs and getting buffed – thanks, Curves!).

So much for the sorrows. So many more blessings! Kids are both now in school full-time. It is wonderful to have some time so I can accomplish things or just get some extra rest. Kids are both doing well in school, the girl much better than last year.

Had a wonderful family vacation to Orlando this fall. Kids got to see Atlantic Ocean for the first time. The girl was chosed to be part of the Shamu show at SeaWorld. Disney was great – little boy enjoyed the monorail, train & boat rides – an engineer in the making. I enjoyed the king sized bed and cable tv – ha ha!

Goats in Glaumland – dearest hubby decided we needed goats for fresh goat milk. He broke down my will power by offering a dishwasher (hooty hoo!) and we now have two LaMancha goats. Turns out I LOVE goats and goat milk is great. I especially like not having to buy milk all of the time. I’d like to learn how to make soap – maybe next year.

Oops – another sorrow. Two stray pups that got dumped here last spring killed all but 2 chickens and my turkey. Oh, the humanity! Raised more chickens and finally getting blessed with eggs again. (Can’t stand buying store eggs – yuk! no flavor).

HD TV is way cool – almost like having cable! OK, so we only get a few stations since we live at the bottom of a deep hole, but when they come in it looks great! I think I’ll call it “psuedo-cable!)

Biggest blessing of all is being surrounded by loved ones. Hubby is wonderful, great dad & provider, an keeps life entertaining. Reconnecting with best friend from HS, just like having a sister again. Great friends at work, makes work a pleasure.

Well, guess I should go play with my new dishwasher! Until next time…


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