Living in a Gingerbread Land

Published January 5, 2009 by glaumland

Christmas break is almost over and kids go back to school tomorrow. It has been a great break, and the kids really enjoyed playing with gifts and visiting relatives.

The nominees in the Best Gift Category are: Doll House, Knee High Boots, Jewelry, Computer Desk, Train Anything, Socks (now that dear daughter’s feet are getting bigger, my socks keep disappearing – always need more!) and Vinyl Wall Art.

And the winner is…Gingerbread creations! Thanks to a wonderful gal that I work with, the kids had a gingerbread house and train to assemble. So DH helped them last night and we had a scrapbook moment. The only problem with gingerbread creations is that they are as fun to take apart (and eat the candy piece by piece) as to put together. Also the kids & I have been on a sugar high all day (but like I said, back to school tomorrow! Sorry teachers!).

Always enjoy spending time with family at the holidays, even though some family we don’t see as often now that their families are growing and celebrating in their homes. The best part was having my best friend (who is actually more like a sister to me and a daughter to my parents) spend Christmas day with us. She is so special to me, even if there have beens some ups and downs in our relationship. And her family is great too.

Speaking of great people, DH really pulled it off this year. Some beautiful jewelry for momma and time spent on gifts for kids – he couldn’t have done any better. Always a blessing to marry someone who is not just a great man & husband, but also a friend and father. I probably don’t tell him enough, but one of my resolutions is to work on that this year.

Oh, gosh. Resolutions! Got to get working on them as we’re already a week into the New Year. But that’s another post.

Until next time…


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