Finding Things Where They Don’t Belong

Published January 8, 2009 by glaumland

OK – Yesterday was the culmination of a period of time (maybe another dimension) where everything is in the wrong place. Kinda reminds me of a “Twilight Zone”. There have been all sorts of things in the wrong place, and I kind of feet in the middle of “I Spy Glaumland” or something similar.

As for DH, socks and clothes all over the house, not to mention the dishes when he cooks. Thank goodness he is a great cook, because he forms a great mess as well.

Little kids have been there as well. Now that they each hve their own room, the idea is for their stuff to stay IN their room, or at least LAND there once a day (particularly before bedtime). But we keep trying on organization and see how it goes.

My darling cats are driving me crazy. What have I found recently in my house, you may ask? 2 mice in some form between live playtoy and half eaten, voles (the mini form of moles), and MOLES (yes, the really big form of moles – that while attractive pelt-wise, their odd faces and feet and deadly countenance rather creep me out! And perhaps the most exciting find was the sparrow bomb that went off in my front hallway. BOOM! Feathers everywhere. The sparrow itself did not entirely detonate, so the bomb disposal unit (me) ended up on the hazmat team to dispose of parts & peices.

Then fast forward to work yesterday. Started out kinda normal (thank goodness) because it didnt’ stay that way. We had a small dog with large bladder stones – they’ll be exiting tomorrow (personally, I think they would make stylish earrings!). Next, another small dog that has what appears to be joint mice in her good knee. We’ll see what happens there.

And finally, the adorable and sweet calico kitten that needs a home who had nasopharyngeal polyp (think of these this way – a giant piece of cauliflower on a stalk that starts in the middle ear, grows through the ear drum, and continues to grow until it sticks out the ear. Way fun surgery, maybe not for cat. But with lots of TLC and pain meds and some luck and prayers, she should be ok.

Then there are all of the really mundane things like: daughter taking socks, dvd’s in wrong case, stacks of papers all over my desk…and many other things but my eyes are tired. Guess it’s time to close for now.

Until next time…


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