Long Tails & Short Tempers

Published January 15, 2009 by glaumland

Grrrr – I knew there would be days like this…

The cats (especially the kittens) are inside because of the cold & going stir crazy. And I mean C-R-A-Z-Y! They are tearing around the house looking for invisible mice & bunnies to attack, are stalking the cockatiel, having climbing contests, destroying the TP, and just being general menaces! It’s driving me crazy. Luckily found a cat tree on sale yesterday and put it together this morning. Hopefully it will take some of the P&V out of them. Even the old fat boy Captain Lewis is in the fray (sitting on the tree top looking down at everyone) & Maybelline acts like she wants to play, but of course she is too prissy to act like a common cat. If I felt better it would actually be funny.

Yeah, not only is it soooo cold outside, I feel like crap. The rheumatologist warned me that during the big weather/pressure changes my fibromyalgia would probably act up, but this is awful. Guess I’ll just load up on drugs and watch the cats – don’t feel like doing anything else.

Kids are going nuts, too. So whiny & contrary this morning. Guess they aren’t getting enough outdoor time, but attitude is the last thing I want right now. Glad they’re in school today, but a four day weekend is coming up.

I am managing to get some things in order, or back in order. Every since we moved my desk to the living room so little boy could have his own room, it has been a disaster. So going through the file cabinets and purging stuff, as well as sorting stuff to file. Hopefully, tax season will be a breeze this year.

(Oh man, somebody just used the cat box – phew!)

Well, guess I’d better close. Don’t want to wallow in self pity, and need to check the fire. At least we’re staying warm in this wretched cold.

Until next time…


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