The Entertainment Value of Catnip

Published January 16, 2009 by glaumland

Well, the cat craziness is still ongoing in Glaumland. I decided to be somewhat proactive (or maybe sneaky?) and bought the cats a cat tree. I know it was scented with catnip, and now the cats are climbing the tree and not the furniture. Ha! I am smarter than cats (but maybe not – they’re still living in my home on my dime!).

Kiddo’s are home from school today. Good thing. It is cold and snowy outside. Looks pretty but glad we don’t have to be out in it. They still have lots of interest in their Christmas stuff, so they aren’t too bored. Plus they got to sleep in. It just doesn’t seem like they’ve gotten back in their regular patterns since Christmas. Me, neither.

DH is now trying to talk me into getting a calf. Like I need another critter to take care of. I gave in on the goats and actually really enjoy them, but enough is enough. Although a freezer full of beef would be nice…but no, I must be strong!

Silly cats have now just in the last 5 minutes decided it is nap time. I wonder if the catnip throws the cats into some kiind of weird time distortion or alternate universe, or something. I’ll watch and see what happens.

Until next time…


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