Tag – You’re It!

Published January 17, 2009 by glaumland

Well, it’s been the end of a good day with family. Didn’t get a whole lot accomplished, but I guess we did it all together.

Little girl is taking karate classes. She’s had a couple classes and already looks comfortable and more confident. This is really good for her. Can’t wait until little boy can do it as well. DH wants so bad to do it, I can tell, but doesn’t think he is ready for it yet. Maybe soon…

DH is trying to talk me into getting a calf – nooooooo! Give me goats any day. They are fun. Mozzarella was out with the kids today and carrying on running and jumping around. Now DH thinks he can make money with goats. Oh, no…

But I shouldn’t complain because DH was able to put a pre-signal booster on the new attic antenna, so our DTV converter box has more channels and better signals – it’s almost like cable! WOW! Now we’ll really be hitting the PBS shows more often.

I’m going to try to start using tags when I blog. Just another way to spread info.

Although why anyone wants to hear my thoughts and ideas is beyond me, but maybe someone is crazy enough to want to know about my crazy little world. For my friends it would be a great way to keep up with me.

Well, I’d better close this down…family in bed and tomorrow’s church.

Until next time…


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