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Babe Watch

Published February 25, 2009 by glaumland

Not the show with pigs in bikinis & speedos running on a beach – this one is about my life.

Episode 1: My friend Karla is expecting a long-awaited visitor at her home tomorrow: her American Lowline Cow is due to calve. I’m not sure if that makes Karla a mother, aunt or grandmother, we’ll have to wait and see. And I don’t know if I want Dear Hubby to find out about these short-legged cattle with tremendous meat quality – I know he’ll want to add that to our critter assortment.

Episode 2: My friend Joann sold all of her sweet Yorkie puppies this past weekend. They are so darned cute – way too much personality for such a little dog. I think Joann considers herself a grandmother.

Episode 3: Ginger goat went on a conjugle visit to Duke from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. Seeing as Duke is quite successful with the ladies, we’re thinking early May is kidding time (no kidding – ha ha ha). She’s actually starting to look a little thick around the middle. Yea! Fresh goat milk again!

Episode 4: Chicken catalog is sitting on my desk. Question is: will there be chick-lets or turk-lets in my future? I swore after starting chicks for the past two years I wouldn’t do it this year, but friends are wanting chickens and I’d like another turkey. Dilemma…

Episode 5: Maniac kittens continue to drive me nuts. Underfoot, overhead, in my face, watching me shower, sitting on me when I sit, wanting me to open doors when there is a perfectly good cat door in place, climbing in any open drawer, general nuisance.

Episode 6: Looked at Darling Daughter the other day. OMG! Where did she get those curves? Did I just feel another hair turn grey? It must have something to do with giggling now when you mention certain boys. Hmmm…

Until next time…


Happy Birthday George!

Published February 22, 2009 by glaumland

George Washington is frequently called “The Father of Our Country.” Most people remember his wooden dentures and the story about chopping down the cherry tree. But many probably don’t know how Godly, and good, a man he was. Read the link to get an idea…

It really makes me sad on this day that our government has gotten so far away from the ideals of our founding fathers. They were men of books, but not limited by keeping their noses in the books. They not only wrote and talked about their ideals, but they lived them as well. So unlike the government officials who talk about how Americans should show their patriotism by paying taxes, and then don’t pay their own. Or those who talk about the plight of the homeless and poor over $1000/plate dinners. Or those who talk about transparency, but won’t talk openly & honestly about their past.

What would America be like if we had people like George Washington, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers here again. They would take a look at our government and start protesting loudly, both orally and with the written word. They would know our Constitution and Bill of Rights by heart and would use these documents, along with sound logic & reasoning, to show the bureacrats and the nation where we went wrong and how to get back on track. They would encourage open debate where there were differing opinions but not resort to name-calling & back-stabbing tactics.

Jesus once told told some Pharisees who were trying to trick Him, “Render unto Ceasar the things that are Ceasar’s, and unto God the things that are God’s.” Perhaps today we could say, “Give to America the things that America has given to you.” America and Americans have given us, at great cost in human life, the freedom and responsibility to watch over our government and it’s actions. We must raise our voices, and our arms if necessary, to prevent our government from straying from it’s primary duty: to protect the freedoms of all Americans. It is not to be a government of SOME people, by SOME people, for SOME people.

It is not the governments responsibility to give us our rights or invent new rights. We must study and learn from our founding fathers about the rights that they, along with all those who have fought and died for America, have won for us. We must hold those rights dear and not surrender them. We cannot afford to be ignorant or unaware otherwise we may become slaves to those who would manipulate or subvert our rights in the name of “progress.”

Wake up America. Stand up America. Speak up America.

Until next time…

Mr Hope & Change

Published February 22, 2009 by glaumland

I think he meant that he hope’d he could change, but I think we can all see he really hasn’t. But to be honest, he has lived up to everything I expected.You see, I have a litmus test for politicians. Really pretty basic, but it’s amazing how many people don’t measure up.

Test #1 – What is their relationship with God? And I’m not talking about the photo op standing outside of church looking churchy. I like to know that a candidate/politician lives out the Christian life they claim to have.

Test #2 – What is their relationship with their family, and especially with their spouse. I’ve no respect for cheaters. Period.

Test #3 – How do they treat others? Are they respectful of other people or do they act as if the world revolves around them? Do they keep their promises. And finally,

Test #4 – How do they treat America? Do their words and actions hold her up, or do they muddy her reputation. Do they understand that they are living in MY house and working in MY office building? Do they realize that they are paid with MY money, and that all of the parties and jets and paperwork are paid by ME?

So one month into his administration, how IS Obama doing?

Test #1 – Fail. Anyone who would attend a church for 20 years and expose their children to the vulgarity that is preached cares more for worldly matters than listening to God’s Word. I can’t tell from anything he says that God has any part of his decision making or agenda. And, of course, he claims to be Christian, but he spends a lot of time making up to the Muslim world. Hmmmm….

Test #2 – Pass. It is easy to see that Obama genuinely cares for his wife, and his daughters appear to be happy, well-balanced children.

Test #3 – Fail. I knew from the beginning that Obama wouldn’t or couldn’t keep everything he promised. Whether that was from stupidity or ambition, I’m still not sure. We know he’s ambitious – just look at his meteoric rise in office. And his two autobiographies (like anyone cared who he was back then – most people wait to write their life story AFTER they’ve done something). Then we have little comments like, “I won,” that sounds more like grade school whining, and showing up to meetings late (again proving that the world should revolve around him). How pathetic. And as for transparency, let’s start with REAL birth records and college transcripts and medical records. How about the promise to give up the Blackberry? Or the promise of bipartisanship (oh, I’m sorry…he DID invite some folks over o watch the Super Bowl). Why does he get a pass when no one else does?

Test #4 – Fail. While thousands of people are suffering from cold, Obama turns the heat up in the Oval Office (and I’M paying the electric bill). He’s surrounded himself with lobbyists (broken promise), tax cheats, and idiots (the Energy Secretary that doesn’t know he’s in charge of oil; the Transportation Secretary who wants to tax us by the mile; the Treasury Secretary who’s too dumb to figure his own taxes; the Secretary of State who just told China that as long as the money flows our way, you can treat your people anyway you want; he let two power-hungry morons put together a “stimulus” bill that was so porky it oinked (But he said “there are no earmarks in this package.” Nobody read the bill since it was rushed through in the dark of night, and to pass it the Dems had to wake up Teddy K and wheel him in to sign. And our dear leader has been jetting around the country campaigning for his programs…how much fuel does Air Force One use, anyway?

But wait! There’s exciting news today! Obama said that starting in April my family can expect to have an extra $65 every month! WOW! I wonder how I’ll invest that? I know – I’ll send it to the Chinese Christians, I know they’re going to need help.

At least is seems like some people are starting to come out of the trance (even MSM) and see Obama for what he really is. You know, I think he would have done really great on Baywatch. Solving beach & relationship problems one hour at a time, and lookin’ good doin’ it. Yep, he missed his calling.

Get Your Shovels Ready!

Published February 20, 2009 by glaumland

Ha Ha Ha – this is the funniest cartoon I’ve seen in a while. Michael Ramirez from Investors Business Daily is brilliant. And big thanks to Hot Air for showing it!

Luckily, I’ve got a big shovel.

You see, while other people were living it up in college, Dear Hubby & I were doing the Ramen Noodle & canned tuna thing. We wanted to graduate from college with minimal debt. And we did.

Then after college, we lived cheaply and graduated to mac & cheese and chicken thighs. We drove our vehicles into the ground, and most of our vacations were spent camping out in Colorado. We lived in modest homes (one rental home was even condemned). We paid off our student loans in less than 5 years and put away as much money into retirement and investments as possible.

We got a little de-railed for a few years. We were hard hit by some medical bills and business losses, but managed to ride them out. We kept saving & investing and started giving to our church and started savings accounts for our kids. We saved for 3 years to take the kids to D-world. We don’t have charge card debt. Our house is nice, but not extreme. We buy used vehicles and still drive them until they stop. We’ve even gotten chickens and goats to help with the food bills (what a fun way to eat!). Yes, we do have a few extravagances, but we keep our priorities straight.

So now when so many people are complaining about the economy, I think about how much God has blessed us.  He expects us to be good stewards of our lives and money, and I think for the most part we have. Which is why, when the stocks keep falling, I keep saying, “Buy! Buy!” We haven’t expected that anyone would give us everything we want. We were willing to live simply; we didn’t have to have that big, fancy home or drive the big, expensive vehicles (some of which cost nearly as much as our first two homes!).

So when life gives you poop, make fertilizer and sit back and enjoy the garden!

Until next time…keep shoveling!

The Disinfecting Powers of Sunshine

Published February 18, 2009 by glaumland

Today is the continuation of a frustrating week and a half. Well, we’re almost to the end. I hope.

Little boy was sick last week. And sweet, sharing boy that he is, he gave me & sissy the bug. So I’m running a fever and working on a sinus infection. But at least I don’t have the malignant snots. Yet. Looking forward to spring weather and an end to cold & flu season.

Since I don’t feel up to doing anything, I do sit around cruising the web world. (Just to clarify though, I’ve worked on multiplication tables, fixed supper, did chores, moved firewood, started the firebox, and started a prayer shawl – so I have gotten things done, too.) Amazing what you find when you’re on the WWW.

I had a lot of friends comment on my rant the other day. And I hope I haven’t offended any of my friends. But I have to stand by what I said about the Porkulus healthcare plans. Now today I read this…

FR Doc E9-2488 –

BHO has set aside $20.3 MILLION for moving Palastinian refugees to the US. Why? I do understand about the problems in Gaza, and I do realize that the Palastinians would want to escape. (Although it would be nice if the suffering people would put pressure on those launching rockets to desist.) But wouldn’t most neighboring Middle Eastern countries be willing to take these refugees temporarily? I would think so. And I would think that if the neighboring countries seriously wanted the conflict between the Palastinians and the Israelis to end, they could certainly put enough pressure on the Hamas to stop attacking Israel. But this post isn’t about about that conflict. It’s about sunshine.

You see, I for one think that BHO’s Muslim heritage is a lot more important to him than he admits. Let’s see what he’s done since he became president (ht NoLibZone):

1) First phone call as POTUS is to Palastinian Fatah leader, Mahmoud Abbas.

2) First one-on-one interview with a news organization is with Al Arabia TV.

3) He ordered the closing of GITMO and stopped all trials of detainees.

4) He closed all oversea CIA interrogation centers.

5) He withdrew charges against planners of USS Cole & 9/11 bombings.

6) And now we learn that he wants to give free tickets to Palastinians who need to get out of their country (refugees or terrorists – that’s the question).

If BHO has a warm spot in his heart for his father’s Muslim background and the Muslim training he received as a boy, that’s understandable. But just be man enough to own up to it; don’t lie about it!

And speaking of lies, let’s look at some others…

BHO promised an ethical administration free from the influence of lobbyists – Now he’s appointed tax evaders to his cabinet & hired 12 lobbyists to work in the White House. Why’d he do that?

BHO promised that there would be a 5 day review period with all non-emergency legislation posted on the White House website for public reading & comments – How much time passed before Democrats gave the 1000+ page stimulus report to the Republican to read (after K street got it!) and then called for a vote just hours later, with BHO signing just 4 days later. I guess he didn’t need any math classes to go to Harvard.

Several times now when he has been on the stimulus campaign trail BHO stated there were no pork/earmarks in this legislation. Ha Ha Ha! If it looks like a pig, smells like a pig, oinks like a pig and wears lipstick, it must be pork. For example:

  • $4.5 Billion to convert government buildings to “green” facilities. If the buildings are in disrepair and needing up-dating, sure let’s make them more efficient. But it is wrong to refit a perfectly fine structure.
  • $1.1 Billion to research comparative effectiveness of healthcare programs – see my rant on the healthcare mess.
  • $650 Million to change analog TV’s to Digital.
  • $50 Million for the National Endowment for Arts.
  • $198 Million for Filipino WW2 Veteran Compensation.
  • $50 Million for Central Utah Project Water Programs.
  • $50 Million for California Bay-Delta Restoration.
  • $146 Million for National Park facilities & trails.

And these are just a few. I won’t debate about the worthiness of these programs, that is what our elected officials are supposed to do. But I do contend that these programs aren’t emergencies and won’t stimulate the economy by putting people to work, keeping people in their homes, and giving confidence in our banks.

OINK  OINK  SQUEEL OINK SQUEEL  OINK! [Translated: Lie. lie. LIE! lie. LIE! lie.]

 It looks like our dear leader is willing to say anything, even when he plans to do the opposite. Just take another look at what he’s said and then see what he’s done.

You see, sunshine IS disinfecting. Not just for viruses & bacteria, but also for humans. People who want to hide their actions generally choose the dark of night to do their work. And BHO knows that. That’s why he made the promise that government during his presidency would be totally transparent and open to public scrutiny. Doesn’t that sound great? Sure, it does, if you think he would keep his word. But look at the record…

Well, the bad news is that I now have the malignant snots. Question is: are there any effective treatments that I am qualified to receive. And is my doctor a “meaningful user?” Meanwhile, I’ll take the softest tissues I can find and make some meaningful use of them.

Uncle Sam vs. Porky Pig: The Great Antacid Wars

Published February 12, 2009 by glaumland

With all of the pork that’s Washington’s dishing out, I think the biggest winner will be all of the companies selling antacid products. Providing, of course, that the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research believes that this treatment option is one that should be available to you and your doctors.

Amazing. I can’t believe it. How can anyone think that the world would be better off with fewer treatment options available to everyone? And the reason – because all of the new drugs and treatments are pushing up healthcare costs for everyone. Only a total MORON would come up with that reason, so ‘Thank-you’ Mr Daschle, author of ‘Critical: What We Can Do About The Healthcare Crisis,’ for giving the Democrats your blueprint! I’ve never thought much of Daschle, or BHO, or Pelosi, or Reid, or…wait, do I see a pattern here? Here’s what I do think about this blatant attempt to socialize medicine & healthcare in the USA:

First, the government doesn’t need to study the effectiveness of medical treatments. There are already lots of doctors, universities, companies and organizations who are already doing that. You can’t tell me that a government bureaucrat is better able to read and understand research reports than the doctors who spent years studying and specializing in their particular area of medicine. Look at the mess and heartache that the Lancet created with their report on vaccine & autism. If anything, the doctors in the field need to spend more time looking at research and anecdotal reports, and use their own knowledge and experience to make the determination of what is best for their patients (hence the growing popularity of evidence-based medicine).  Patients & their families also need to educate themselves about all of their options.

If anything, this bill will assure fraud in the medical industry and in the parts of the government that are supposed to safeguard the health of America. The only new medical advances will be by those companies who pay off someone in FDA or by companies who can count a legislator amongst their stockholders. I guess that the liberal left can’t figure out that competition between companies actually helps to DECREASE the cost of healthcare. Every drug & medical supply company is racing to be the first to bring a new class of drug or treatment out into the market, and the prices are terribly high when they’ve got the only one in town. (Of course, if your doc has a great drug rep, you can easily get the first sample for free.) But when other companies bring out similar drugs/treatments in the same class, the prices fall because of competition. And to think that the Europeans are the models for “foregoing experimental treatments,” is even more laughable considering that most “experimental” drugs are on the market several years in Europe before getting clearance to be used in the US.

As someone who suffers from both Crohn’s disease and Fibromyalgia, I have been lucky enough to have doctors who stay up on the latest studies and treatments and discuss with me what is available. I also am smart enough to know that ‘modern’ medicine isn’t always the best way; too often I find that older, more natural methods are best. But the point is, these decisions are left to me and my doctors.

Second – What the heck does “meaningful user” mean? Of course, we don’t know because that isn’t spelled out in the Pork Bill. Someday, someone will decide what a “meaningful user” is and anyone who doesn’t fit the definition of “meaningful user” will be penalized and if a “meaningful user” doesn’t progressively become a more “meaningful user,” more severe penalties will be imposed. In other words, BHO and his lackey’s want to make healthcare into a game where only they can see the playing board, only they know the rules, and they can change the rules anytime depending on where their playing piece falls. As someone who work hard to play by the rules of life (Moses only needed Ten Commandments!), I don’t like to play games that way, especially with my healthcare. Heck, why bother having years of training and experience when the government’s plan would just skip the doctor?

Gives new meaning to ‘tele-medicine’ – press 1 if you have a fever, press 2 if you have a rash, press 3 for a headache, press 4 if you’re puking, press 5 if it’s coming out the other end, press 6 for a snotty nose…press 0 for “uh-oh.” And then if you hold the phone up to your body, you can get ‘tele-treatment’ for your illness. Hell, maybe I’ll patent the new “Magic Medical 8 Ball” – just tell it your symptoms, shake it, and it’ll tell you what treatment you need. Or deserve. (Darn, I just gave away my idea. If you ever see it, it’s mine!)

Whatever happened to honoring your elders? In this new healthcare program, younger & more viable patients will go to the head of the treatment line, leaving the elderly out in the cold. Give me a break – using a person’s age as part of a mathematical formula on whether or not they deserve treatment! Shoot, next we’ll throw financial status, looks, race, who you know, & how “good” you are into the equation. If BHO, Tommy D, and the rest of the Democrat minions have their way, the US will look a lot like the movie ‘Logan’s Run.’ So, we know Teddy K is voting for this bill, what do you think his health score will be? Will prominent political family outweigh drunken old lech?

I do think that the dignity of death should be honored in our society. Unfortunately, it seems that too often quality of life is sacrificed for quantity of life. However, I believe that those decisions are best left to individuals and their families – not doctors, not insurance companies, not society and certainly not bureaucrats.

Frankly, I think that hiding this healthcare bill in the middle of a supposed ‘stimulus’ package is a CHICKEN-SHIT thing to do. I expect that kind of crap from Daschle, and from BHO, and from the freaky liberals, but I didn’t expect the Republicans to bend over. I wonder if KY Jelly is on the approved drug list and if Uncle Sam will qualify to receive it.

Well, I know this rant is a little out of character with my usually sweet character & clever posts, but I am passionate about America’s healthcare system. I’m just now figuring out how the game works, I don’t need to have the rules changed. To quote the little fat kid, “Democrats really piss me off.” Join me for some “Hope & Change” – all of my spare change will go to buy antacids I hope will keep the indigestion under control.

Until next time…

Counting My Chickens Before They Hatch

Published February 8, 2009 by glaumland

The best thing about this time of year (not quite winter, not quite spring) is the seed & poultry catalogs that the USPS delivers. Dear Hubby actually is the one in charge of the garden. After all of the manure and straw he plowed in last year (also the big crop of turnips) the soil is dark and loose – just right for this year. Hopefully that will mean a fantastic garden. I’m looking forward to ‘corn that’s as high as an elephant’s eye!’ I’ll keep the blog updated.

My favorite catalog is the poultry catty. I have 5 roosters (with 2 to go in the pot soon), 11 hens, a tom turkey, and another turkey (whose sex is undetermined at this time – but she talks like a girl!). I’m not looking forward to starting any chicks this year (since I’ve done it for the last two years). The neighbors are wanting to get into the chicken business this year, and I’m hoping I can get a couple hens from them in exchange for my expertise (ha ha). My girls have finally started laying, and boy is it nice to have farm fresh eggs again (free range tick eggs, I call them).

Hubby has also kept us busy putting up fireword. He marked a bunch of trees on our acreage last year. Some were ‘crap’ trees, others dead, and others needing to be cleared out to make way for good trees. We’re trying to get the wood harvested before the poison ivy comes out, but it is nearly too late – DH already has some. We’ve been taking the goats out with us so that they can exercise and browse, so we’ll probably get poison ivy from them now too, as that seems to be a delicacy. It is fun to spend time in the woods, we’re lucky to have them.

We went to a friend’s wedding yesterday, down on the northern edge of the Flint Hills. Beautiful, simple wedding in a cool old church. But the best part was the reception (they rode a giant John Deere tractor back to the farm). We spent some time walking around the farm exploring, and made us homesick to have a bigger place. So reckon we’ll start doing some serious looking for some land soon. We’ve talked about putting a 3 year plan in place to find someplace, sell our place, change jobs and move. It’s good to have plans.

It definitely is hard making plans right now with all of the uncertainty in the government. I’ll be starting taxes soon and hope it doesn’t take to long this year (although we already know that taxes are too hard for even politicians to do!). Although, I might as well just give the gov all of my money since is seems they are determined to spend it. Man, would I like to have a chunk of that trillion dollar pie.

One of the things I despise most about politics is how two-faced many politicians are. They spout platitudes and talk about helping people, then they (Democrats) schedule planning sessions at elite resort/spas. Couldn’t they just rent out someplace at their local Holiday Inn or something? Or better yet, aren’t there some meeting rooms in the capitol that they can use? Seems like alot of that money could be better spent getting homeless folks into housing, or getting warmth to those who can’t afford their heating bills.

It’s suppose to be about service to our country. Perhaps the Democrats should be working in the same conditions as our service men/women. How about setting up tents on the Mall? Surely all of the hot air they produce could keep them warm. I know most politicians have multiple homes, so maybe they can invite some homeless folks over to stay when the homes are sitting empty. Maybe instead of having all of these fancy parties they can serve the food at soup kitchens. Something has to change.

Until next time…