Uncle Sam vs. Porky Pig: The Great Antacid Wars

Published February 12, 2009 by glaumland

With all of the pork that’s Washington’s dishing out, I think the biggest winner will be all of the companies selling antacid products. Providing, of course, that the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness Research believes that this treatment option is one that should be available to you and your doctors.

Amazing. I can’t believe it. How can anyone think that the world would be better off with fewer treatment options available to everyone? And the reason – because all of the new drugs and treatments are pushing up healthcare costs for everyone. Only a total MORON would come up with that reason, so ‘Thank-you’ Mr Daschle, author of ‘Critical: What We Can Do About The Healthcare Crisis,’ for giving the Democrats your blueprint! I’ve never thought much of Daschle, or BHO, or Pelosi, or Reid, or…wait, do I see a pattern here? Here’s what I do think about this blatant attempt to socialize medicine & healthcare in the USA:

First, the government doesn’t need to study the effectiveness of medical treatments. There are already lots of doctors, universities, companies and organizations who are already doing that. You can’t tell me that a government bureaucrat is better able to read and understand research reports than the doctors who spent years studying and specializing in their particular area of medicine. Look at the mess and heartache that the Lancet created with their report on vaccine & autism. If anything, the doctors in the field need to spend more time looking at research and anecdotal reports, and use their own knowledge and experience to make the determination of what is best for their patients (hence the growing popularity of evidence-based medicine).  Patients & their families also need to educate themselves about all of their options.

If anything, this bill will assure fraud in the medical industry and in the parts of the government that are supposed to safeguard the health of America. The only new medical advances will be by those companies who pay off someone in FDA or by companies who can count a legislator amongst their stockholders. I guess that the liberal left can’t figure out that competition between companies actually helps to DECREASE the cost of healthcare. Every drug & medical supply company is racing to be the first to bring a new class of drug or treatment out into the market, and the prices are terribly high when they’ve got the only one in town. (Of course, if your doc has a great drug rep, you can easily get the first sample for free.) But when other companies bring out similar drugs/treatments in the same class, the prices fall because of competition. And to think that the Europeans are the models for “foregoing experimental treatments,” is even more laughable considering that most “experimental” drugs are on the market several years in Europe before getting clearance to be used in the US.

As someone who suffers from both Crohn’s disease and Fibromyalgia, I have been lucky enough to have doctors who stay up on the latest studies and treatments and discuss with me what is available. I also am smart enough to know that ‘modern’ medicine isn’t always the best way; too often I find that older, more natural methods are best. But the point is, these decisions are left to me and my doctors.

Second – What the heck does “meaningful user” mean? Of course, we don’t know because that isn’t spelled out in the Pork Bill. Someday, someone will decide what a “meaningful user” is and anyone who doesn’t fit the definition of “meaningful user” will be penalized and if a “meaningful user” doesn’t progressively become a more “meaningful user,” more severe penalties will be imposed. In other words, BHO and his lackey’s want to make healthcare into a game where only they can see the playing board, only they know the rules, and they can change the rules anytime depending on where their playing piece falls. As someone who work hard to play by the rules of life (Moses only needed Ten Commandments!), I don’t like to play games that way, especially with my healthcare. Heck, why bother having years of training and experience when the government’s plan would just skip the doctor?

Gives new meaning to ‘tele-medicine’ – press 1 if you have a fever, press 2 if you have a rash, press 3 for a headache, press 4 if you’re puking, press 5 if it’s coming out the other end, press 6 for a snotty nose…press 0 for “uh-oh.” And then if you hold the phone up to your body, you can get ‘tele-treatment’ for your illness. Hell, maybe I’ll patent the new “Magic Medical 8 Ball” – just tell it your symptoms, shake it, and it’ll tell you what treatment you need. Or deserve. (Darn, I just gave away my idea. If you ever see it, it’s mine!)

Whatever happened to honoring your elders? In this new healthcare program, younger & more viable patients will go to the head of the treatment line, leaving the elderly out in the cold. Give me a break – using a person’s age as part of a mathematical formula on whether or not they deserve treatment! Shoot, next we’ll throw financial status, looks, race, who you know, & how “good” you are into the equation. If BHO, Tommy D, and the rest of the Democrat minions have their way, the US will look a lot like the movie ‘Logan’s Run.’ So, we know Teddy K is voting for this bill, what do you think his health score will be? Will prominent political family outweigh drunken old lech?

I do think that the dignity of death should be honored in our society. Unfortunately, it seems that too often quality of life is sacrificed for quantity of life. However, I believe that those decisions are best left to individuals and their families – not doctors, not insurance companies, not society and certainly not bureaucrats.

Frankly, I think that hiding this healthcare bill in the middle of a supposed ‘stimulus’ package is a CHICKEN-SHIT thing to do. I expect that kind of crap from Daschle, and from BHO, and from the freaky liberals, but I didn’t expect the Republicans to bend over. I wonder if KY Jelly is on the approved drug list and if Uncle Sam will qualify to receive it.

Well, I know this rant is a little out of character with my usually sweet character & clever posts, but I am passionate about America’s healthcare system. I’m just now figuring out how the game works, I don’t need to have the rules changed. To quote the little fat kid, “Democrats really piss me off.” Join me for some “Hope & Change” – all of my spare change will go to buy antacids I hope will keep the indigestion under control.

Until next time…


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