Spring Training

Published March 7, 2009 by glaumland

What a beautiful day here in Glaumland. Finally feels like spring is here.

Spent a fun evening outside with hubby, kids & critters. Luckily all critters are in good shape. Young turkey spent last night outside and now only has 6 tail feathers. The rest are all over the yard. Hopefully whatever is on the prowl will move on before anyone gets hurt. I’m keeping my gun handy (OK it’s only a BB gun, but I am a really good shot – the Bearcat stays locked away).

The kids are getting in the mood for ball season. Little girl got a training net for her birthday (it bounces the ball back at you). She was doing really well and caught most of the balls. Next we’ll put up the strike zone tape and have her do some pitching.

Little boy played with the net, too. He’s really got a good arm – somewhat accurate and very strong. He’s getting better on his throwing technique, but not catching much yet. Instead, he chases the ball down and then slides on his knees to get the ball (which has usually stopped rolling by now). Luckily those pants were really high-water, so the ground in stains don’t matter too much. I could hardly keep from laughing.

So Glaumland is looking forward to another ball season.

Until next time…


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