Please Mr Gore, May We Have Some Global Warming?

Published March 27, 2009 by glaumland

Brrrr….Hey, what happened to Spring? I blinked my eyes and we went from shorts and t-shirt weather to digging out the coveralls and snow boots. I don’t think it will get so cold that it will hurt the fruit trees (the apricot is already in full bloom, and the cherry and peach aren’t far behind). I’m enjoying the spring yellows – forsythias and daffodils – in all their glory.

So now I guess there are blizzards from North Dakota to the Texas panhandle. Boy, am I glad I don’t live in Amarillo anymore – it’s a big mess when they get snow. First, everybody continues to drive fast, especially if they have SUV’s. So between the SUV’s and all of the semi’s, you have the ingredients for big pile-ups (which you get to see on the national news). Then the city of Amarillo gets out their snow plows, but instead of plowing the snow to the sides of the streets, they plow the snow in the R lane to the side and the snow in the L lane to the center. And that leads to people getting high-centered in the middle of traffic. Then once the snow starts to melt and the lanes are clear, you’ve got the snow in the center still melting and icing up the driving lanes. It’s actually quite funny now that I don’t have to deal with it any more!

So we stocked up on food and water, have wood ready to burn, and we’re ready to face whatever nature throws at us. The water thing is more important than you would think. Since we have a well, and the well depends upon electricity, if we lose our power we are in a pickle – no drinks, no showers and no POTTYS! Ugh – not so bad for the men-folk, but definitely a luxery we girls depend upon.

And I continue to laugh about Mr Gore and his crusade for global warming. I’m not sure if so many people have taken up his cause because they really believe in it, or if they just feel sorry for him. It amazes me how far people are willing to go to forward the scare of global warming. Today I read that the UN is now calling for global control over the power industry in all countries. That way they can force any country that doesn’t obey their half-baked rules on emmisions control to either conform or pay the price. And I think we all know how screwed up things get when the UN gets it fingers in the pie (think Oil for Food).

But I guess the question really is: Is there such a thing a global warming? I would say ‘yes’ and ‘no.’ The global climate has been changing, forever. Just ask the Anasazi tribe of the Southwestern United States. They experienced the Great Drought, that lasted 300 years. Or go look up the “Little Ice Age” that occurs after an era described as the “Medieval Warm Period.” Change happens; that’s why no one can really accurately define what is “normal” for the climate.

So we come to all of the alarmist propaganda being spread as thick as manure on a garden. I’ve heard that the term “Global Warming” is actually on the way out in favor of “Global Climate Change.” Good thing, since NOAA has documented that we’re experiencing some record cold temperatures. What I think is so funny is how much cold weather follows Mr Gore to his lectures. Maybe he could even start his own line of winter-wear. Ha Ha Ha.

Even Obama has jumped on the “Climate Change” bandwagon. He’s blaming global warming for all of the flooding in North Dakota. I guess the politicans from ND didn’t bother to tell him that they’ve been freezing their bums off this winter and have had lots of snow. Mr Obama would like to have everyone using “Green” power, but hasn’t watched closely to see that countries who have already tried this lost 2 jobs for every one they created. Just ask Spain. Plus industries that need cheap power to make their products will just relocate to another country. Oh wait…that’s where the UN plan comes in…we have to punish everyone.

This is a fun little article about a really smart physicist who says that global warming is a bunch of junk. Not only is he really smart (besides his own studies he has been granted 21 honorary degrees from such places as Oxford & Princeton), he is an old man of 85 who doesn’t care what he says to whom and if they get upset. Mr Dyson actually hypothesized that all of the CO2 emmissions are good for the planet in that the trees and plants are better nourished! (Bet that makes Al turn purple!)

Well, guess I’d better close and go find my snow shovel. If we have enough snow maybe I’ll build a snowman and name him “Al.”

Until next time…


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