Happy Birthday Grandma!

Published March 28, 2009 by glaumland

In memory of Anna Maxine (Gordon) Landman

March 28, 1910 to August 21, 2001


The favorite memory I have of my grandparents (you have to include them both for it’s hard to separate Elmer from Maxine) was a cold winter night during my college years.  I drove to Sabetha from Manhattan and it was so bitterly cold I was afraid my little car wouldn’t make the trip. Mom & Dad were to be there the next day. I can’t remember the occasion (maybe Grandpa’s birthday?) andI decided to drive up Friday night and surprise everyone.


503 Harrison has always had a special place in my heart because of all the happy times I spent there surrounded by their love. That night was even more special. We found some school books that Gma & Gpa had used as children. One of the books was a song book, and I discovered that I, too, had learned some of the same songs in elementary school. The one I remember best was “Waltzing Matilda.” We sang together, the three of us, enjoying the music of our blended voices. Gma & Gpa also reminisced about their early days, and told stories of their youth. My favorite tale was the story of how they first met at a dance in Kirwin, when Gma as 17 and Gpa was 14. Gma told how handsome she thought Gpa was and said it was “love at first sight!” Gpa blushed but looked very pleased.


I want to remember that special evening and to share with others the joy I have had in my life because of Elmer and Maxine. Their love for their family was only surpassed by their devotion to their Lord. My wish is to keep them alive in my stories and my deeds so that my children and those who follow may know about the life and love of two very special people, and the granddaughter who adored them.


Until next time…


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