Taxes in Dial-up Land

Published April 1, 2009 by glaumland

Well, just like I have for several years, I have a lot of time to blog while sitting here waiting for my tax software to update. BORING!

I guess I could just ignore it and maybe get appointed for a government position. Ha Ha. Actually, it isn’t even funny anymore – just pathetic. Today I read that Sibelius is having tax issues. You know, if Obama wants to take in more money, I think he could start by cleaning house. He could have Turbo Tax Tim at Treasury (one of the tax cheats) call for an audit of government officials. And I would start with elected officials. It just doesn’t seem right that we pay people with our taxes and our votes, and they turn around and cheat.

So here I sit downloading at a breezy 4.7kbs – wow, it makes my head spin! More ha ha ha.

I did read that Hillary is hosting an Artic/Antartic summit next week. My first thoughts were something akin to hell freezing over, but then I realized that this isn’t possible because of all the nasty CO2 we keep hearing about. (Ha Ha Ha – sorry this edition has so much sarcasm – I guess doing taxes does that to me) Actually, I don’t think that Gore & pals will be at the summit, since the National Science Foundation, NASA, NOAA and USGS will be present, and we know that Mr Gore doesn’t like to be bothered with facts and figures.

Speaking of Mr Gore, I guess he didn’t really understand all of the hoopla behind Earth Hour, that UN sponsored gimmick that wanted to show the bad power industry that we could do without their un-green technology for one hour. Most (global warming) people that observed this last Saturday turned off their heater/AC, their TV’s, computers, etc. to show their support. However, Mr Gore’s neighbors noted that although the lights were off in his TN home, you could see inside the house the blue-lights of video screens, and his trees were lit up with landscaping lights. In my house we celebrated Earth Hour by having the lights on, running the dishwasher and wash machine, using hot water and watching several TV’s. You see, I want Mr Gore’s tree to have all of the CO2 they need…

(Tax update…Yippie! I’m nearly 50% done with downloads! – Oops, more sarcasm)

Stirring interlude – thanks to the makers of dishwashers and soap. Because there isn’t anything on the news worth listening to.

(Another tax update – something must be wrong because I seem to be stuck in exactly the same place I was at the last update. Hmmm…darn I just found a message that I got error 28, whatever that means. I’ll try again…)

Speaking of CO2, I was reading an internet article that said that while it is true that excess CO2 will make plants grow bigger and better, that those plants would be nitrogen-poor (meaning decreased quality protein available) and that animals eating those plants would eventually die of starvation. So their premise was “don’t fool yourselves that CO2 is good for plants.” What they didn’t really seem to address is that the plants also absorb nutrients from the soil, and that plants grown in nutrient-poor soil will have fewer nutrients, whether or not the plant looks big and healthy. That’s why so much money is spent on nitrogen fertilizers.

(OK, I keep encountering error 28, but, unlike Hillary, I know how to push the ‘re-set’ button)

So, doing a little research, I went on Google maps and started looking at the farmland around coal-burning power plants. Well, the land north of Jeffries in NE KS is certainly greener (the prevailing winds during growing season are from the south). I’ll have to do some research and check out some other power plants.

Well, tax downloads are finally done so I guess I’ll try to get some work done.

Until next time…


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