Don’t Count Your Chickens Until They’re Cooked

Published April 12, 2009 by glaumland

It hasn’t been a good time to be a chicken at Glaumland.

We did the traditional Easter Egg thing with the kids. We actually buy white eggs from the store because the brown and green ones are already colored! It is always fun to watch them hunt for eggs on Easter. And I guess our cholesterol will go sky high while we are eating them.

We also butchered Tough Guy (the barred rock rooster) and two others. They were getting very aggressive and tore up two hens that we had to put down. So the roosters are in the stew pot – yummy! Well, at least after you cook them for a LONG time. They are tough buggers.

So I’m down to 11 chickens. But (I guess) the good news is the lady that wanted fresh eggs to hatch out had 11 chicks so looks like I’ll be raising chicks again this year. Maybe I’ll sneak a couple turkeys in too! Hope I can convince the cats that these birds aren’t for killing.

Until next time…


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