Tea Parties & Taxes

Published April 16, 2009 by glaumland

Yea! Another tax day has come and passed, and that awful chore is done for a whole 9 months. I can’t decide if that is good or depressing. It was relatively painless this year EXCEPT for MO. Sorry MO, you seriously have a crappy tax form; much too difficult to understand and navigate, especially for the NR. The KS form is a breeze, especially the webfile.

At least we ended up with some little refunds this year, which is alot better than owing. I don’t know what to expect next year, but I’m not expecting anything good. We have lots of charitable giving and from what I understand, that’s one of the area’s we’re most likely to be affected. Ouch!

Speaking of being effected, the new “Congratulations you’ve got a job so here’s an extra $6/wk and we’ll tax it as income next year” payments started coming through in our checks. And we don’t even have the ability to opt out of it. It really makes me mad that the government is giving me “stimulus” money to tax me on without my having a say on if I want it. I’d rather just get paid for the wages I work and forget the extra government crap. Seems to me it’s just another case of big government saying “Don’t worry – we’re here to help.” HA!

I didn’t get to watch much news tonight, but it sounds like the tea parties nationwide went off pretty well today. I did hear one guy in KC interviewed. He was a DNC worker who said the expected stuff: “They’re just mad they lost the election,” “They’re trying to prove they’re relevant,” “They’re not really that organized…” BS all the way around.

And speaking of BS, I read that the official White House take on the Tea Parties was that our Dear POTUS didn’t really know anything about them. So either he’s really stupid (hmmm…that’s a tough call) or he’s just lying again. Let’s see…

Didn’t know that there were Tea Parties organized around the country. Check.

Didn’t know that his mentor Rev. Wright preached inflammatory garbage from the pulpit. Check.

Didn’t know that his co-chairman and fundraiser Bill Ayers was a terrorist. Check.

Didn’t know that you don’t bow to a foreign leader. Check. (But he didn’t REALLY!)

Didn’t know that there is an Office of Protocol to take of care of gifts for foreign dignitaries. Check.

Wow, no wonder he just voted “present” so many times. He really doesn’t seem to know much!

Well, gotta go make some tea. Until next time…


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