“Just An Ordinary Child”

Published April 17, 2009 by glaumland

Little kids had a recital at school last night. Little Girl got to play her viola and recorder, and Little Boy was in the K-2 program. Little Boy decided at the last minute he didn’t want to go – he was just too bored to perform. Ha! Then as we arrived he started walking with his shoulders hunched, so I told him to walk tall like a sailor (McHale’s Navy is one of his very favorite shows). The response? “I can’t Mom; I’m just an ordinary child.” Ha Ha! Little Boy is far from ordinary, and that is what makes our lives so interesting.

The theme of the program was Barnyard Moosical, and Little Boy was a baby chick. It was hard to hear any words since lots of the kids were mumbling, some were screaming, and some like Little Boy were just too bored (!) to participate. At one point Little Boy actually started playing with the fly on his pants. Luckily for Mom, that’s one barn door that stayed closed last night! Besides the baby chicks, there were some neat-freak pigs who didn’t want their homes referred to as “sty” and some gourmet goats that preferred pizza to trash. All in all it was cute, and we avoided any extra-ordinary moments.

Little Girl was awesome, too. She looked so grown up on stage. However, I can tell life is about to get more interesting at our house. I can never find socks anymore since her feet are nearly as big as mine. So guess we’ve started sharing socks now. And with her ears pierced, she’s wanting to change earrings all the time. I’ve tried to put a stop to any borrowing of my earrings, but we’ll see how that goes. Then, to my greatest horror, I’ve discovered that Little Girl is shaving her legs and pits! OH NO! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN? WHEN DID SHE GROW UP? So guess I’d better add razor blades and shaving creme to my want list too. Sigh – the only thing worse than having her grow up is knowing I did the exact thing to my mother. Sorry Mom!

Until next time…


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