The Coyote Chorus

Published April 19, 2009 by glaumland

One of the most fun parts of living in the country is that we have much different sounds than city folks. When we lived in the city, we heard highway traffic (especially semi-trucks and their brakes), neighbor dogs barkings, kids yelling, doors slamming, car horns honking…you get the idea.

But now we have peaceful noises. Oh sure, there is the occasional motorcycle or four-wheeler that powers up, and a few highway noises, but for the most part we get to listen to nature. And right now is a great time to enjoy it.

The coyote pups have left their dens and are out singing in full force. They can get away with it now since Momma is still doing most of their hunting. And you can’t have a coyote sing-along unless all of the neighborhood dogs join in too. The funniest thing about the dogs is they don’t know if they should be man’s best friend and bark at the beasties, or if they should take a ride on the wild side and sing with them. Sometimes you get both, which is reminiscent of a pubescent boy singing – lots of interesting notes.

It’s also time for the frogs to sing and they seem to be doing well this year. Hopefully enough spring rain and good temps that they will do well populating this year. We have a couple tree frogs that like to hang out by the hot tub so I look forward to seeing them (as long as they don’t try to go swimming with me!)

I’ve also heard many night-bugs chirping. Just wonderful as long as they stay outside.

The chickens also  have their songs that they sing at night. When I go to close up their house, they make a noise somewhere between a growl and a purr. I love to spend a little time with them here and check their crops and body condition. It gives me an idea of who’s working to hard and who’s not working hard enough.

The other night noise I love is the sound of the trains about 1.5 miles away. On nights with the windows open you can hear the cars crossing a bridge and slamming together.

I think I’ll close and go enjoy some music. Until next time…


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