Quilting With No Rules

Published April 20, 2009 by glaumland

I spent a marvelous weekend with my dearest friend at the Mennonite Quilt Auction in Hutchinson, KS. Besides all of the beautiful quilts, there was also great food, great music, and great bargains. It’s fun to come home with an arm-full of fabric for just a few dollars. No buyer’s remorse, here! Now, what to do with it…

So my friend and I have decided that we’re going to do some “no-rules quilting.” In otherwords, lines don’t have to be straight, points don’t have to meet, and no worrying about perfection! We’re just gonna have fun with the fabrics and see what happens! Finally, I think I can get excited about quilting this way; I want to play with my quilting and not stress over how other people tell me it should be done or should look.

Now, to all of those wonderful ladies who do quilt to perfection, more power to you. And maybe some day, with enough practice, maybe I’ll get close. But for now, more fun is what I need.

So my friend (AKA Fabric Slapper) and I (AKA Thread Banger) will work on making some cool quilting stuff. Not exactly ‘crazy quilts’ and not exactly ‘abstract’, but mostly a kind of ‘free-style’ – emphasis on the free.

Until next time…


2 comments on “Quilting With No Rules

  • Haha, my mom, who sews herself clothes gives me her leftovers and I have done a lot of “crazy quilt” stuff with it but I haven’t put it altogether yet. That is how I feel, I admire those with patience who I sew straight and such, but when I get really good maybe I’ll be like that but for now, it is just a nice way to relax!

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