I’ve Been Hen-bit

Published April 27, 2009 by glaumland

Actually, although I am a backyard chicken enthusiast, this isn’t about fowl. It’s about the beautiful spring flower (weed) Lamium amplexicaule. I was introduced to them officially in high school by my dearest friend, and they have become one of my favorite harbingers of spring.

Last weekend on the trip to the Mennonite Quilt Auction in Hutchinson, my dearest friend and I drove past a small town on the edge of the Flint Hills. The town’s ball diamond was next to the highway. The outfield was as pretty and green as any well-tended yard, but it was the infield that caught my eye. It was totally purple – a sea of henbit. Such a beautiful scene.

Since we’ve finally had some warm temperatures, the goats and I have spent some time in the woods; me looking for morrells and them looking for anything tasty (in their opinion). No luck for me, but they were in heaven. I actually did find some wild? phlox and violets, and the wild strawberries are blooming, too. It’s quite fun to watch the changes.

The fruit trees are all a-bloom, too. It looks like we’ll have a good crop this year. Yummy! And the daffys and grape hyacinths are still blooming and I saw my first iris.

The barn swallows returned on tax day, just like they always do. The June bugs are back (although a bit early?) as well as the little black ants. Guess you have to take the good with the bad…

Until next time…


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