Catching Up

Published May 9, 2009 by glaumland

Gosh, I’ve gotten behind on posting. I’ll try to get a few out so you can see why…

I spent this afternoon tending to baby chicks. They got to have some play time out in the yard munching on grass and clover. And as if that wasn’t terrifying enough, we moved them out to the big chicken house.

That is, after I spent about 2 hours putting up some poultry netting and chicken wire to try to keep the babies in after they get brave enough to start exploring. Also helps to keep critters out. We lost babies last year to snakes and other varmints; don’t want to go through that again.

They are so funny. I love to listen to the sound of their pecking and watch them learn to take dust baths. And they are finally getting out of that ugly phase (where they start getting their adult feathers). And now that they have more of their adult plumage, I can see that we have some interesting crosses. At least it will be easy to tell them apart.

Until next time…


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