Finally Feeling Alot Better, For Now

Published May 9, 2009 by glaumland

Well, I haven’t been feeling very well lately. It actually crept up so slowly this spring I didn’t realize it until in was full blown yucky. Just another aspect of fibromyalgia that I’ll have to note.

The problem started (I guess) when my sleep aid quite working and I was spending all night in an active dream mode. And so I would wake up so tired and sore in the morning. My tender points (areas that tend to get sore and stay that way for a long time) were painful. I wasn’t getting any relief from acetominophen and tramadol, so I cheated and added in ibuprofen and naproxen. And that wasn’t good for my intestines – thanks to the Crohns. GRRR.

Finally my doctor (who is about at his wit’s end) prescribed another sleeping aid – trazodone. Unfortunately, this didn’t work either. I was getting so frustrated and cranky. And it wasn’t just the muscle and joint pain that was back, but the irritated bladder, intestinal pain, stress headaches, and visual problems. Not only didn’t I feel at all good, I was missing out on so much stuff.

So late one night I did some research and found that some FM’ers were using trazodone with Lunesta (which I had used successfully for about 2 years until last summer). So the next night I tried the combo, and got some good sleep, but still some active dreaming. The Flexeril just wasn’t cutting the mustard. So I did some more research…

Luckily, I had some Skelaxin on hand from last fall. It didn’t do a darn thing for me then, but with the Lunesta/trazodone combo it has worked really well. Thank goodness. I was actually able to go work-out one day this week. I’m still not as well as late last fall, but I’m grateful for having better days.

So I’ll keep up with this regimen, but also keep my eye on the internet, because I have a feeling that I’ll be playing with meds again.

Until next time…


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