LOL – My ‘Little Old Ladies’

Published May 9, 2009 by glaumland

For a number of years I have been the president of our ladies’ guild at church. I got elected because I wasn’t at that meeting. LOLs play dirty! Actually, the ladies who were left had gotten older and weren’t up to the demands. So I gladly took over, and began calling them my ‘Little Old Ladies.’ Actually, I joking call myself the youngest old lady in the group.

Well, this past week I lost one of my LOLs. She was a delight and definitely a very strong woman of faith. She had a hard life growing up during the Depression, then marrying a dairy farmer who treated her poorly. She finally divorced this man and married an old friend, himself a widower, and finally had a wonderful marriage. Between the two of them they have so many children, grands, and great-grands – what a blessing.

But the blessing that she brought most to my life was her friendship and her witness, in word and deeds, of her love for her Savior, Jesus Christ. She is one of my great women of faith. I thank God daily for bring her into my life. I pray that all women can have the same.

Until next time…


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