Livin’ In Redneck Holler

Published May 25, 2009 by glaumland

Hoo-wee! Wow, life can sometimes get so strange (and yet so familiar – which is even more strange) that you can hardly recognize yourself in it. But life is more fun when you’re livin’ it…

I had to laugh today. I had the new experience of trying to wax my legs (the pain isn’t actually so bad, it was trying to work on the back of my legs that was difficult – I’m not a cat!). I decided to do it outside since it is sticky work – I’m using honey/wax. I think I’ve got it figured out finally, so maybe soon I’ll get the other leg done.

Anyway, I decided to do it outside, like I said. So picture this…I was sitting outside, on the goat-milking stand, while Dear Hubby was changing the oil, and “Here In Topeka” by Loretta Lynn is playing on the radio. Cats all around me trying to see what I’m doing, and the horse tethered next to the driveway watching me and the cats. Ha ha ha!

Other than waxing one leg, the weekend was nice. Got to go to the “concrete pond” to do some swimming, had some smoked ribs, plant our garden and do shrinky-dinks.

Not many people could live the fast, fun life we do!

Until next time…


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