The Man & His Friends Have No Class

Published June 2, 2009 by glaumland

Watching Obama on NBC tonight. Some show about a day in the White House. I guess the idea was to catch him in the ‘unofficial’ moments. Excuse me, but when you are on the clock, and especially in front of the camera, you don’t act the way you do when you when you aren’t on the company dime and in the privacy of your own home.

Did you see…

a world leader on camera in front of press slouching in a limo with his feet up on the seat across from him?

a celebrity who had the condecension to remember and buy lunch for the guy who rode with him to the burger joint? (By the way, who paid for all those lunches?)

a gentleman whose hands were full so he stuck his face in the fry basket to get a fry?

an assistant who couldn’t pull his attention away from his blackberry long enough to give his guest by appointment his full attention?

a staffer lay a greasy bag of burgers straight on a  conference table? (I hope the cleaning staff at the WH have gotten a great big raise to clean up after these slobs!)

I don’t know about you, but if this is what it takes to be a president, I hope my children never aspire to it. They will have manners!

I can hardly wait until the next installment.

Until next time…

It’s update time!

Dear Hubby and I are in the  process of reviewing and reorganizing our investment and retirement plans. Things have gotten tighter, and we are feeling a crunch, just like so many US citizens. So we’ve had to make an adjustment to our lives, just like Obama asked us to do.

Forget about buying a new car: we’ll drive the ones whe have (averaging 10 years old) until they die. And we won’t buy from Government Motors.

Forget about having a date night: we’ll be going to Sonic tomorrow night for their free rootbeer floats. We especially won’t be heading anywhere with a large entourage to note our together time (doesn’t that make the WH Press Corps voyeurs?) or to protect us.

Forget about keeping our temperature at a comfortable level: we burned wood in the stove all winter and won’t even think about AC until July. We pay the electric bill out of our pocket, so all of that sweat and work to get firewood seems like a good trade-off.

Forget about family vacations; the kids will be camping in the backyard this summer with the 19 year old tent, hand-me-down play fort, and the goats. No trips to a resort whenever we want, no $14K play fort, and purebred romps for us.

Would I like to have some extravagances in my life? You betcha! Do I disdain those who have them? Absolutely not! Not, unless, I’m missing out on all those extra’s while paying for someone else to have them (while he’s telling me how much I should sacrifice).

The simple life is a good life; more politicians should try it. It might keep them from getting into so much trouble.

Until next time…


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