I LIKE Obama’s Weenie Diplomacy – But Can I Provide The Weenies?

Published June 24, 2009 by glaumland

It’s been a while since I’ve posted…life has been really busy. Hoping to get back to a somewhat quasi normal schedule. But I just couldn’t pass this topic up!

Frankly, as our nation’s Independence Day approaches, I’ve been giving alot more thought as to how we should celebrate. We generally have great fun at our house every year, either spending time with family or friends, but always the evening ends with a BANG – literally.

And as I heard Obama’s invitation to the Iranian Ambassador’s world-wide to visit the American Embassies on July 4th for a celebration, I was certainly bemused. OK, I celebrate Cinco de Mayo, but more for the Corona than any sense of Mexican Independence. And I’m mildly interested in Juneteenth, but mostly because I can’t quite figure out what day it is. I go green for St. Paddy’s, and sign me up any time of the year for Oktoberfest. We always try to eat Chinese around the Chinese New Year – again not for any indepences or political reasons but only to see if it’s the year of my critter. You might say I have a very worldly view when it comes to drinking and eating.

But I wondered how exactly the Iranian Embassadors would react to an invitation to eat hotdogs and apple pie. I’m pretty certain that they don’t eat pork, but how do they feel about mystery meat? Do they do condiments? I mean, trying to plan this meal could get very complicated for an administration that doesn’t have a Party Planning Czar.

So I figured I would help Mr Obama. First, I get some Swine Flu infected pork (sorry piggies for the misinformation, but it IS just too funny to pass up) and make up a bunch of weenies. Then find some E-coli infected tomatos for ketchup. And surely there’s someplace to find Salmonella laced mustard (probably that Grey Poopon kind). Finally, I’d get a bakery to make some hot from the oven white anthrax buns. Now that’s a meal I’d be happy to serve those Ambassadors. Why I’d even be so generous as to invite all of the Ambassadors from North Korea and Venezuala as well. No reason to leave out any of our former enemies. I mean, come on now, this is the new, lovey-dovey weenie diplomacy at its finest.

Plus, I was a little concerned about planning for seating. Do you think they’d even show up? I mean, they’ve been trying to destroy Americans in the Middle East for 30 years. It hardly seems reasonable to think that they would change their views after a little back yard party. So I’ve decided that the parties should be served buffet style, so everyone can mingle and chittychat. And if a really sweet apology is also served up, maybe the Iranians would consider bringing the fireworks to end the evening.

Oh Darn! Now I see Obama rescinded the invitations for a weenie-fest. Just because they hadn’t RSVP’d or anything. Guess we’ll have to go for plan B…

Halloween Trick-or-Treating with the Iranian, No Korean, and Venezulan Ambassadors. Come as your favorite Dictator or American President. Carter & Obama masks given out at the door for anyone without a costume.

Until next time…


One comment on “I LIKE Obama’s Weenie Diplomacy – But Can I Provide The Weenies?

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