Why O Ran from Iran.

Published June 26, 2009 by glaumland

In the days since the Iranian election, it has been thrilling and terrifying to watch the people of Iran take to the streets to voice their resentment. It has become, sadly enough, too easy for us as Americans to take our voting rights for granted. To see the Iranians who have been beaten and murdered for daring to voice their disagreement with their rulers should make somber Americans think back to all of the men and women of every color who fought, and some died, so that we have the right to have our votes count.

So why was the Obama administration so late in coming out to support the Iranian people. His ‘non-response’ appeared to condone the sham elections and support the present theocracy. The problem with Obama is that he has been so ingrained with Alinsky’s ideologies, he doesn’t have the capability of dealing with the world as it is, only how he thinks it should be.

You only have to look at a passage from Alinsky’s book Rules for Radicals to see this to be true.

“As for Vietnam, I would like to see our nation be the first in the history of man to publicly say, ‘We were wrong! What we did was horrible…There is nothing we can ever do to make it up to the people of Indo-China- or to our own people – but we will try. We believe that our world has come of age so that it is no longer a sign of weakness or defeat to abandon a childish pride and vanity, to admit we were wrong.’ Such an admission would shake up the foreign policy concepts of all nations and open the door to a new international order.” Vintage Books/Random House, NY, 1989, p. xxiv.

That’s why Obama has gone on his world tour touting how much America has done wrong and why we should apologize. He believes that it is the only way to open doors  of diplomacy with those people and countries who dislike us. Have there been mistakes? Of course there have. To say otherwise would be folly. Should we be contrite and try to learn from them. Of course we should, otherwise we’re doomed to repeat them.

But what Alinsky, and Obama, fail to understand is that rational arguments do not work with irrational people. Alinsky’s Rules are effective because when you manipulate rational people, you can predict the outcome. All creatures, from lowest to highest, move away from discomfort to a place that is more comfortable. But irrational people can’t be counted on to act ‘normally.’

Irrational people don’t behave in rational ways – duh! One only has to look at the suicide bombers to understand that. So why try to interact with them as though they are rational? It just doesn’t make sense, and this is the lesson that Obama needs to learn: that no apologies or acts of kindness or contrition are going to be enough to keep those who hate America from trying to destroy her.

With respect to Iran, Obama needs to understand that darkness can’t live in the light. We need a president who doesn’t bow to the Muslim world in penance or inferiority, but one who stands tall as a leader and a beacon of freedom. Is he learning that lesson? It’s hard to tell at this point. But his upcoming dealings with North Korea will tell us if Obama finally “get’s it.” Sadly, it doesn’t look like he’s making any progress: http://hotair.com/archives/2009/06/26/us-wont-use-force-to-inspect-noko-ship/trackback/.

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