Crazy Like A ‘Cuda

Published July 6, 2009 by glaumland

I was surprised, like so many other people last Friday, that Alaska Governor Sarah Palin decided to resign from office. I really didn’t know anything about Gov. Palin until she stepped onto the national stage last summer, but I have to admit I’ve been a fan since that time. She is a very classy, beautiful Christian woman who has been successful in life and politics. Unfortunately, those are the very reasons why the MSM and many liberals hate her.

There have been many reasons thrown out in cyberspace as to why she has decided to leave the governorship before her term was up: issues about family, health or politics, and my favorite – a big scandal about to erupt. I really don’t think any scandal is brewing; most people with families and jobs just don’t have time to get in trouble! It’s hard enough finding time to cook, get laundry & dishes done, do homework, get to ball games and doctor appointments, and the list goes on…

But I really couldn’t fault her if she is out of politics for good. She has been so maligned by the media that it is a wonder she doesn’t break down in tears or lash out in anger. That’s probably how I would respond. Instead she has continued to be classy yet bold in her retorts, getting her point across while staying far above the cess-pool of behavior that MSM likes to swim in.

Perhaps the most disgusting and repulsive item was posted on the Huffington Post:

Huffpo article titled, “Palin Will Run in ‘12 on More Retardation Platform.” reads as follows:

In Sarah Palin’s resignation announcement she complained about the treatment of her son Trig who always teaches her life lessons. She said that the “world needs more Trigs, not fewer.” That’s a presidential campaign promise we can all get behind. She will be the first politician to actually try to increase the population of retarded people.

To me, it’s kinda like saying the world needs more cancer patients because they teach us such personal lessons.

Her first act as President: To introduce a Pre-K lunch buffet that includes lead paint chips. Sort of a Large HEAD-START Program.

She will then encourage women to hold off on pregnancies until their 40’s just to mix up some chromosomes.

She now is in favor of abortion only in case of diploid birth.
Her policies will increase jobs because Wal-Mart is building new stores each day and someone has to be the greeter.


It seems that even Huff-Po thought this was too much – they pulled the article. The real problem to me is that anyone, especially someone who claims to be a journalist, would be stupid enough to write this in the first place. I guess the liberal media should think twice about who they designate to represent them. I definitely applaud Palin and her attorney, Thomas Van Flein, for taking a stand and threatening legal repercussions to  anyone who propagates or publishes this kind of crap.

If Palin has left her office to focus on her family, kudos to her! Too many people in the national spotlight seem to put their own interests and opportunities ahead of their family commitments. One has only to look at a string of divorces and infidelities to see this happening.

I think that the real reason this has caused such an uproar in the MSM and the political arena is that it just doesn’t make sense – to them. They are used to seeing politics played out in the manner that we are unfortunately too accustomed to. They can’t understand it, so they deride and ridicule it. But I think that their behavior is caused by more than confusion, I really believe that they fear her. They don’t understand her Christian ethics and behaviors; it just doesn’t fit their idea of ‘normal.’ Well, thank goodness for that.

So I wish Sarah Palin all the luck in the world in whatever she decides to do. My thoughts and prayers will go with her and her family.


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