Going Through A Change Of Life

Published July 15, 2009 by glaumland

Ha! At my age you’d probably think the ‘change of life’ topic had something to do with menopause. But not in Glaumland – thanks to my gyn and a lovely hysterectomy, that’s all behind me (or always with me?) now.

No, this change of life has to do with our computer connection. We’ve been on dial-up for years, which has been a pain considering the phone company is still using the old United Telephone network (never heard of it – lucky for you!). So the phone situation has been barely tolerable, but a necessary evil.

See, here in Glaumland, we have another problem. We live in the bottom of a hole. We’re at the bottom of a draw, living next to a nice creek that drain about 160 acres. And where there are creeks, there are really big trees. Which means that cell phone service is lousy here, too.

The good part of all of this is we aren’t bothered by lots of extraneous phone calls. Ha, I wish. The hippies call all of the time (our name for Scientologists) even though we have asked them REPEATEDLY to stop.

So I will be exploring the options for higher speed internet. It’s kind of an exciting thought, being able to connect faster than 56k. Imagine that! I might actually get more blogging done.

Until next time…


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