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I’m Not Crazy…I’m just Married!

Published October 12, 2009 by glaumland

Or maybe I am crazy?

One of my best friends came over yesterday to help me clean the house. (I had done some vetting for her when one of her dogs got attacked by the other. I told her I hope they keep getting into fights. Ha!) Boxes and laundry everywhere. It was quite a job.

Now let me back up a moment…I was on some medication this summer for my fibromyalgia that left me with some unwanted side-effects: short-term memory loss, trouble concentrating, and anti-social behavior. Of course, it took some time for me to realize that I was experiencing these effects, and not just getting old and cranky.

So, this summer was difficult, from the point of trying to stay on top of things and getting things done. Oh, yeah…one of the side-effects was sleeping all of the time! Anyway, once I figured out I was having these issues (and the FM wasn’t any better) I contacted my doctor to work on a new med regime. This one seems to be going better personality/mental wise, although the pain at times is worse.

Anyway, back to the point about being crazy. As we were going through boxes, I found a box of stuff that Dear Hubby must have taken off of my desk in an effort to be helpful. There was some of the stuff that I couldn’t find this summer that I spent hours looking for, thinking that in some crazy hallucination I must have done something with it. It wasn’t me! Thank, goodness.

However, now I had a box full of stuff that had to be dealt with. So I spent most of today getting on top of that box and I’m glad to say it is nearly done. I feel almost like a sane person again.

Now, to convince Dear Hubby not to do me any favors for a while, or at least leave the desk alone. Getting THAT done may drive me crazy.

Until next time…


The Cardinal Sin Of Maybelline

Published October 8, 2009 by glaumland

It was murder, the most brutal and heinous kind, blood and body parts everywhere for the world to see…

It was racist, but probably not a hate crime, more likely a case of giving in to her lust…

And she was unrepentant, glorying in her crime and looking to me, to the world, for adulation; to have us revel in her carefully-planned and methodical crime and realize that her killing skills have not abated with age…

MY DAMN CAT MAYBELLINE KILLED ANOTHER CARDINAL! Arrgghh! I don’t think all in all my cats have affected the songbird population around us. The excessive numbers of pine and other trees, as well as vines and ornamental plants and other habitat have given them a fine area to live. And to die, as it turns out today.

Maybelline first came into my life in 1998. I was supposed to euthanatize her, since she was a stray cat that nobody had claimed. But as I looked at the goofy looking, yet beautiful cat, I just couldn’t do it. She told me her name was ‘Maybelline’ and she was mine. (The subject of how pets tell you their names is another post someday).

Maybelline is a beautiful citrus-y orange and white domestic medium haired cat. Her body is compact, with her front legs shorter than the back ones. She once was a poster cat, appearing in a printed ad with a boy, a dog and a wagon for Hill’s Science Diet. I had opportunities to adopt her out, but there was always something special between me and Maybelline, so she got to stay.

She has always been a remarkable hunter. Her prey include birds (duh!), mice, rats, voles, moles, large insects and snakes. As a food-provider, she would win first class.

However, Maybelline has been slowing down lately, since she’s around 12-13 years of age (just a guess – she was an adult when she came to us). You can see the arthritis in her back legs as she doesn’t have that ‘come hither’ swish that she used to have. And it’s getting harder for her to keep her hair under control; what used to be luxurious curly tresses has turn into ratty tangles.

So, today was a good day for Maybelline. I should’ve known it would be when I saw her sitting on top of a big round hay  bale. Something should have told me she wasn’t just up there for the sun. The score today: CATS 1: BIRDS 0.

Until next time…

Baucus Puts The ‘Boob’ In BOOB TAX!

Published October 8, 2009 by glaumland

Senator Max Baucus has become the Democrat’s Champion on “bipartisan” health reform. It isn’t truly bipartisan, but the Democrats are trying to position it that way, as anyone who isn’t for Pelosi’s public option plan would surely support Mr. Baucus. Hah! Baucus’ plan is just another ring act in the healthcare reform circus.

If Senator Baucus gets his way, Class II – VI medical items over $100 will start getting taxed. (His original proposal to tax all medical items got thrown out, after it became known as the TAMPON TAX!)

I looked at a *.pdf organized by Ed Morrissey over at and found out just how many ways we’re gonna be taxed if Max Baucus gets his way…

Smile Tax:  Denture & Braces – whether you are young or old, you’ll have to pay more for a nice smile.

Milk Tax:  Breast Pumps – so much for saving money on formula.

Wheel Chair Tax: Why see the world when you can stay home and watch it on TV?

Lab Tax: getting lab tests will be more expensive with longer waits for results when they start taxing lab equipment & kits.

Oxygen Tax: Yep, they’re gonna tax you to breathe, that is if you want to have a portable O2 machine.

Cancer Tax: Treatment devices for many cancer diagnosis and therapies fall under this tax. (Maybe we can rename it the BOOB TAX: The tax for mammograms and the Boobs who passed the tax!)

Stent Tax: Learn to live with clogged arteries.

Deaf Tax: If you want to hear, you’ll have to pay taxes on those hearing aids and implants.

Implant/Prosthesis Tax: And speaking of implants, new body parts of any kind are gonna cost you. (This, too, could fall under the BOOB tax, as this affects perky parts of any cup size.)

Vision Tax: Contact lenses are on the list.

Heart Tax: This will include pacemaker systems, wires and even batteries!

How You Doin’ Tax: Monitors of all kinds will be taxed.

And finally…

Heart Attack Tax: Don’t plan on surviving a heart attack unless you’ve got your tax money in hand. Emergency Defibrillators and oxygen generators will be taxed as well.

It’s easy to see that the Baucus plan is to tax us on all single-use medical supplies/equipment, like pacemaker batteries and knee replacements. But even on the big ticket items, like hospital equipment that is used over again (endoscopes, IV infusions pumps, anesthetic machines, etc…), medical providers will pass those taxes on to the consumer, and result in even higher costs for care.

Those Democrats who are leading the charge for healthcare reform keep talking about how they want to make healthcare more affordable for everyone. It just doesn’t make sense that we’ll save money by paying more taxes. Only a BOOB would think that would work!

Until next time…

A Day Of Fabric Therapy

Published October 4, 2009 by glaumland

I was so lucky the other day to spend an entire day with my BFF. I was having a very low energy, dark-mooded day – not really in the frame of mind to do anything.

However, after a while of warm tea, relaxing music, and soft conversation I found myself in a much more relaxed and open state of being. Praise God and thank you to my BFF!

I had taken a box of scraps, intending to work on a dark quilt full of corderoys, but happened upon some scraps of rail fence. Why I put some of those colors together I do not know! However, with me at the sewing machine ‘slapping’ fabric, and her ‘wacking’ fabric and arranging it at the felt wall, after a few hours we had a beautiful baby quilt completed – front & back!

And best of all – she has a friend due to deliver at the end of the month. Yea!

So now we’re going to go through our stashes and get those UFO’s (unfinished objects) done! Imagine that, finishing something!

But the best part of the day, spending time with my BFF: working like a great team, catching up on life, and sharing our love of color and fabric.

Now to go through our stashes and get some more of those UFO’s done! I can’t wait!