The Cardinal Sin Of Maybelline

Published October 8, 2009 by glaumland

It was murder, the most brutal and heinous kind, blood and body parts everywhere for the world to see…

It was racist, but probably not a hate crime, more likely a case of giving in to her lust…

And she was unrepentant, glorying in her crime and looking to me, to the world, for adulation; to have us revel in her carefully-planned and methodical crime and realize that her killing skills have not abated with age…

MY DAMN CAT MAYBELLINE KILLED ANOTHER CARDINAL! Arrgghh! I don’t think all in all my cats have affected the songbird population around us. The excessive numbers of pine and other trees, as well as vines and ornamental plants and other habitat have given them a fine area to live. And to die, as it turns out today.

Maybelline first came into my life in 1998. I was supposed to euthanatize her, since she was a stray cat that nobody had claimed. But as I looked at the goofy looking, yet beautiful cat, I just couldn’t do it. She told me her name was ‘Maybelline’ and she was mine. (The subject of how pets tell you their names is another post someday).

Maybelline is a beautiful citrus-y orange and white domestic medium haired cat. Her body is compact, with her front legs shorter than the back ones. She once was a poster cat, appearing in a printed ad with a boy, a dog and a wagon for Hill’s Science Diet. I had opportunities to adopt her out, but there was always something special between me and Maybelline, so she got to stay.

She has always been a remarkable hunter. Her prey include birds (duh!), mice, rats, voles, moles, large insects and snakes. As a food-provider, she would win first class.

However, Maybelline has been slowing down lately, since she’s around 12-13 years of age (just a guess – she was an adult when she came to us). You can see the arthritis in her back legs as she doesn’t have that ‘come hither’ swish that she used to have. And it’s getting harder for her to keep her hair under control; what used to be luxurious curly tresses has turn into ratty tangles.

So, today was a good day for Maybelline. I should’ve known it would be when I saw her sitting on top of a big round hay  bale. Something should have told me she wasn’t just up there for the sun. The score today: CATS 1: BIRDS 0.

Until next time…


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