I’m Not Crazy…I’m just Married!

Published October 12, 2009 by glaumland

Or maybe I am crazy?

One of my best friends came over yesterday to help me clean the house. (I had done some vetting for her when one of her dogs got attacked by the other. I told her I hope they keep getting into fights. Ha!) Boxes and laundry everywhere. It was quite a job.

Now let me back up a moment…I was on some medication this summer for my fibromyalgia that left me with some unwanted side-effects: short-term memory loss, trouble concentrating, and anti-social behavior. Of course, it took some time for me to realize that I was experiencing these effects, and not just getting old and cranky.

So, this summer was difficult, from the point of trying to stay on top of things and getting things done. Oh, yeah…one of the side-effects was sleeping all of the time! Anyway, once I figured out I was having these issues (and the FM wasn’t any better) I contacted my doctor to work on a new med regime. This one seems to be going better personality/mental wise, although the pain at times is worse.

Anyway, back to the point about being crazy. As we were going through boxes, I found a box of stuff that Dear Hubby must have taken off of my desk in an effort to be helpful. There was some of the stuff that I couldn’t find this summer that I spent hours looking for, thinking that in some crazy hallucination I must have done something with it. It wasn’t me! Thank, goodness.

However, now I had a box full of stuff that had to be dealt with. So I spent most of today getting on top of that box and I’m glad to say it is nearly done. I feel almost like a sane person again.

Now, to convince Dear Hubby not to do me any favors for a while, or at least leave the desk alone. Getting THAT done may drive me crazy.

Until next time…


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