Frazier’s Last Lesson

Published April 19, 2010 by glaumland

I lost a little piece of my heart today. One of my favorite buddies – Touchdown Tommy Frazier – got to pass over the Rainbow Bridge this morning. His bone cancer finally caught up with him, and the decision was made to send him on while his Quality of Life was still good. I haven’t seen Frazier for a while, but he and his buddy Sampson are never far from my thoughts or my heart.

I’ve known Frazier since he was a puppy. He was always the loveable Labrador clown – always wanting to please and entertain. Frazier was also smart and loyal. He represented all of the best characteristics of his breed. Part of the fun of being with Frazier was watching him perform his repertoire of tricks. My favorite, of course, being “Ladies, first.”

My daughter spent her first months with Frazier as a furry and fun companion. He was so tolerant of her early attempts to ride a ‘horsie.’ Although, the sweet kisses and crumbs were probably a good trade-off! Little Girl learned her first lessons in being kind to animals from Frazier and also how animals will show their love in return.

Frazier and I had something else in common – we both have GI problems. Luckily, his Mom (and my dear friend) was able to control his adverse food problems by watching his diet closely and manipulating his eating habits. I knew that if I worked half as hard at watching my food intake, I could probably feel better, too.

I didn’t realize how hard Frazier’s death would hit me. I’ve been busy lately counseling my clients on Quality of Life and helping their beloved pets pass. Losing a beloved friend reminds me how special a role pets play in our lives and how hard it can be to lose them. It’s one of the reasons why pet hospice is so important to me.

 And so, while I’m mourning the loss of a sweet & memorable dog, I’m reminded of how blessed I have been to have Frazier and his brother Sampson (and the rest of the family!) in my life. And also how blessed we are that God gave us these furry & feathered companions to keep us company on our earthly journey.


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