A Watched Goat Never Kids

Published January 13, 2011 by glaumland

We’ve been on baby watch here at Glaumland. One of our does looks like a double-wide trailer. We’re not exactly certain when she was bred, so we don’t know when to expect a baby (-ies?). If only these things came with a timer!

Ginger was acting pretty uncomfortable two nights ago. The baby must have shifted, because her belly was huge & tight – she was biting at it and shifting her weight. She’s starting to swell around her vulva, but she hasn’t bagged up much. So we went on alert.

Of course, it would happen to come when it is the coldest weather of the season. Man, it was MINUS NINE DEGREES this morning. Brrrr. We through some extra hay into the goat gazeebo so the baby would at least have a warm landing spot. Then the darned goat ate most of the bedding. We also moved the other girls (Mozzarella and CocoaBean in with Peanut) leaving only the little visitor Princess to keep Ginger company.

But of course we’re still waiting…no baby yet. Ginger is back to looking just plain big and dancing around in the cold. The weather is supposed to warm back up today, so we’ll be JUST under freezing. Time for tanning lotion! Ha ha ha!

The fun part is wondering what we’ll get and what we’ll name the baby. We’ve only had boys so far from Ginger – Parker & Chainsaw – not my choices, obviously. We’ve got this whole FOOD thing going on so I guess we’ll see what color we get and pick something appropriate.

Until next time…


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